Jamie Lynn Spears returns to her role as Zoe Brooks in a new role in Paramount+’s revival. Zoey 102. The original teen series Zoey 101 Aired for 4 seasons from 2005 to 2008, it followed Spears’ character as she enrolled at a prestigious Pacific Coast academy and explored her time at boarding school. Just like the sequel to Paramount+ iCarlythe upcoming movie will follow the lives of Zoey and her friends after their last performance in the season 4 finale..


With most of them Zoey 101‘s original cast is set to return inside Zoey 102 later in the summer Entertainment Weekly released a new look for the upcoming film with first-look images focusing on the returning titular character.

In the footage above, Spears can be seen mingling with a few new characters played by Zoey Owen Thiele, Thomas Lennon and Dean Geyer. Zoey and her former PCA classmates reunite at a wedding Zoey 102 none of the other returning stars are included in the images.

How Zoey 102 Became a Controversial TV Show

Zoey 101 cast

For the fans who grew up watching Zoey 101, Zoey 102 offers a chance to meet the heroes of their teenage years. Along with Spears, Erin Sanders, Sean Flynn, Matthew Underwood, Christopher Massey, Abbey Wilde, and Jack Salvatore are confirmed to reprise their roles as Quinn Pensky, Chase Matthews, Logan Reese, Michael Barrett, Stacey Dillsen, and Mark Dell Figgalo, respectively. . Paul Butcher will not be returning to portray Zoey’s younger brother Elvis and Dune A star Austin Butler looked at him suspiciously Zoey 102 Back to; he joined the series in season 4.

However, Zoey 102 it also faces problems that make its return controversial. Spears faced backlash for her role in conservatism of her sister Britney Spears; The pop star spoke openly about the difficulties it brought. Also original Zoey 101 It was one of many shows developed by producer Dan Schneider, who had a history of violence and sexual abuse involving minors during his tenure with Nickelodeon. This led to debates among former stars and viewers about whether it was the right decision to revive the shows developed by him, even without his participation.

Depends on: Why Zoey 102 is a terrible idea

Although Zoey 102’s reunion may evoke nostalgia, the film undoubtedly has a lot of baggage in its production. Apart from the behind-the-scenes controversies, there is also a possibility that the film may not generate satisfactory revenue. On the other hand, it could restore goodwill to Spears and the entire estate. Although Zoey 102 may face an uphill battle, audiences will be able to weigh in when it comes to Paramount+ this summer.

Source: EW