If you’re looking for the location of the Misko Treasure Twins manuscript, look no further! Another day and another mysterious Misko puzzle for us to solve. This time, brothers Domidak and Prissen read us a story about two “twins challenged to a duel.” They are somewhere in Western Neklud, and each has a cave opposite the other. What does it mean to “show the sign of the little twin to the big one”? Read on to find out!

Zelda TOTK Misko's Treasure Twins Manuscript Solution

TOTK Location of the manuscript Blyznyuki-skarbi Miska

Misko Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Twin Treasures Manuscript

One of the many old manuscript puzzles of the brothers Domidak and Prissen is called “The Twin Manuscript”. This will have us looking for the “dueling twins” in West Neclud. Once we find these twins, we will need to “show the sign of the little twin to the big one” to open the door to the City’s treasures. The first thing here is to find out the location. These twins are actually Dueling Peaks! And the caves mentioned in the manuscript are the North and South Caves of the Dueling Peaks. Check out our map and images below so you know exactly where to go.

When you reach the back of the South Cave, you will see a giant stone door. Obviously, there is something behind it. In the same room, you will see plates on the floor. There are 10 of them. They are arranged to form a triangle. You will also see some small rocks. You can use them to press on the plates and activate them. You will need to click on the correct tiles to open the door. But which ones are correct? Well, you’ll need to leave the Southern Duel Peaks Cave to find the solution.

The solution is in the North Dueling Peaks Cave. There you will see sketches on the ceiling showing where to place the stones to open the door. With this information, return to the Southern Duel Peaks Cave to solve the handwritten puzzle “Misco’s Treasure Twins” and collect the prize is a Tingle shirt!