In our Zelda TOTK King Dorefhan location guide, we’re going to show you where to find King Zori in the Tears of the Kingdom Clues to Heaven quest. Once upon a time, the royal Dorephan went into his sanctuary after the inciting events of TOTK and is therefore quite difficult to find. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We will blow up his bunker.

zelda totk king dorefhan location
Zelda TOTK King Dorefhan location

Where to find King Dorefan Zeld Tears of the Realm

To find King Dorephan in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom or TOTK in the Clues to the Sky quest, you need to find out where the Pristine Sanctum is. Well, it’s at these coordinates: 3709, 0608, 0405. It’s in the Lulu Lake area, a little to the northwest. When you get there, you’ll see a rock formation, and when you climb it (or slide over it), you’ll notice that there’s a waterfall that flows into an underground chamber. Jump into that room and you will see the king. He’s…definitely not as good as the last time you saw him. It actually looks pretty lifeless. However, when you talk to your old friend Muzu standing nearby, Dorephan will wake up and greet you.

So, yes, that’s where King Dorephan is in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom for the purposes of the Clues to the Sky quest (and any others). I won’t spoil his dialogue; it’s up to you to discover. The same goes for the rest of the quest. We are only here to show you where the king is. If you need help with anything else in Tears of the Kingdom, feel free to check out our growing list of guides. Among others we have articles like The location of the mysterious eighth ball, Fierce Deity armor upgrade costand De Impa after completing the Dragon’s Tears quest.. I think you will need them.