In our Zelda TOTK Ember Armor Set Location guide, we’ll show you where to find and how to get all three pieces of this set in Tears of the Kingdom: Pants, Shirt, and Headpiece. They are quite difficult to find because they are hidden in various caves throughout Eldin, the land of the Horons. In addition, each cave is a separate little mystery. So, here’s where you need to go and what to do.

zelda totk ember armor set locations
Zelda TOTK Ember Armor Set Location

Zelda TOTK Ember Armor Trousers Location

To find the Ember Armor Pants in Zelda TOTK or Tears of the Kingdom, you need to go to Lake Kefla Cave. It’s on the west side of the lake, and its exact coordinates are 2596, 1329, 0152. At the entrance, you can talk to two NPCs to start a side quest. More importantly, they talk about “having a dog’s nose” and imply that you have to bribe the dog with food to find the treasure. Yes, we don’t have time for that. Instead, just use the Ultra Arm to pull out the chest circled below. Open it to get the special pants and go ahead.

Where to find Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Ember Armor Shirt

To find the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom shirt or TOTK Ember Armor, head to the following coordinates: 1418, 2106, 0286. It’s down the road that leads south from Goron City, and it’s a cave called Goronobi River Cave. Go inside, jump over the bench and open the chest. Then turn around and use the floating platforms to jump back across and to the left. Follow the cave to a jagged lava waterfall. Jump onto one of the platforms and use Recall to bring it back. Jump to terra firma and kill the worm-like creature.

Then jump onto one of the floating platforms on the right and let them carry you until you see the location shown in the screenshots below. Jump off and climb into the pit to find a chest with a Coal Shirt. One more left.

How to get the Zelda TOTK Ember headdress

To get the Zelda TOTK Ember Armor Set Headgear, go to coordinates 1712, 2716, 0403. You guessed it, this is another cave. Defeat the enemies hiding in the cave, then destroy the rocks on the north wall. This will open another, smaller room with everything you need to build a vehicle that can drive across a small lava lake. So, do just that. At the other end you’ll find a chest containing a headdress. Overall, getting this armor is fun. Is it worth the trouble? Well, the protection it provides is pretty good and it looks cool too.