in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the explored world is divided into three layers: the terrain, the depths, and the sky. You’ll reach the area just by following the story, and you can deep jump across the chasm whenever you want. But how to return to heaven? It’s a little less obvious, so we decided to break it down in this Zelda guide for your benefit.

How to return to the sky in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You have several options for returning to the Sky Islands, though most of them involve advancing the story until you get the gear you want or unlock a certain tower.

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Use Skyview Towers

The easiest way is to use Skyview Towers to take to the sky so you can glide to a nearby island and open a shrine for fast travel. The sky map layout means that not every Skyview Tower can help you get to the island. The towers of Lookout Landing and Hyrule Field, for example, are awkwardly located simply beyond the reach of any island and most of the small rock masses. Even with increased stamina, you’ll still lose too much altitude.

After unlocking the Skyview Tower, check the ground and sky layers on the map to see where the nearest island is. Deploy your paraglider as soon as you regain control of Link, and bring stamina elixirs or food so you don’t have to stop gliding.

Use Zonai devices

Another option is to use Zonai devices to help cover longer distances, namely a rocket and some well placed fans if you have enough energy element charges to support them. While some of the Skyview Towers don’t get you close enough to the sky islands, you can still glide to some of the smaller rocks and set up the Wing device there. Attaching a rocket is a great way to cover a lot of sky quickly, although a few fans are also handy.

Just make sure you estimate your distance before you set off. The wings only exist for about a minute before disappearing, and it’s a long way down.

Use Recall on rocks

Large chunks of stone will randomly fall from the sky as you travel through Hyrule. You can use the link Ability to recall to send them back to where they came from, although not every rock makes its way back to the island. Some, like the random ones you can land on while gliding in the sky, will just take you out of the sky. Others will not rise high enough to allow you to reach the proper island, and some power get you where you want to go, but your Recall ability ends before you get there.

Your best chance of skydiving with Recall is in mountainous regions, where the rocks have less distance to cover and your Recall ability won’t deplete energy.

Using Recall on falling blocks can get you to the Sky Islands, but not always.
Using Recall on falling blocks can get you to the Sky Islands, but not always.

Use fast travel

Big Sky Island may seem remote compared to the other sky archipelagos, but once you have rockets and a better understanding of how to use the Wing device, you can quickly return there and fly to another island. Be sure to complete Robbie’s Purah Pad quests and get Road medallions the same. That way, if you end up on an island that doesn’t have a shrine, you can drop the medallion and go back without going back there again.

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