There are several side quests The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which requires the player to take pictures of enemies, fauna, and other things in Hyrule. One of the many quest chains that requires these images is the Kilton’s Field Collection quest chain. When he prepares to move to Tarry Town, he asks Hudson to help him make monster statues; Hudson says he needs references. Players will then have to go out into the world and photograph the five monsters that Kilton wants to install as statues around his new location.


How to unlock the camera in Tears of the Kingdom


Once players are done learning the sky islands, they can go down to capture them paraglide from Purah at Lookout Landing. A conversation with this character will start a chain of quests Regional Phenomena; once players get this quest, they can start quests to get the camera as well. Be sure to talk to Puro, Josh, and Robbie, the three explorers who are near the Skyview Tower.

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Robbie will say something about going down into the Deep, and Link will need to follow him. Drop in Hyrule Field Chasm and find the bonfire near Lightroot. He will help Link unlock the camera on the Purah Pad. Once players get the camera, they will be able to complete the Monstrous Collection quest chain in Akkala.

Tears of the Kingdom Side Adventure A Monstrous Collection I


Kilton’s new home is located in Tarry Town itself, approximately 3961, 1637, 0128. Talk to Kilton and he and Hudson will ask for a photo of the Bokoblin. Fortunately, it can be any kind Bokoblin as long as he’s not a Bokoblin boss, so players don’t need to search for a specific color of that enemy. Reward for capturing the photo and installing the statue for Kilton is 1 monster extract.

Tears of the Kingdom Side Adventure A Monstrous Collection II


Second photo Tears of the kingdomKilton the Horroblin will want it. These creatures can be found in caves all over the world; if players can’t find it, they should check the caves around Hyrule Field for a good photo. The reward for this part of the quest is 1 monster extract and 1 treacherous monster soup.

Tears of the Kingdom Side Adventure A Monstrous Collection III


After that, Kilton won’t ask for a specific monster unless Link asks for it. Select “You mean a monster?” option, and Kilton will ask the players to help him find a battle scree. These are massive rock monsters with a Bokoblin platform attached to the top of them Tears of the kingdom. One of these monsters, which is easy to find, is on the other side of the Orsedd Bridge from Hyrul Castle at 0495, 0485, 0025. Take a picture and bring it to Kilton for 1x Monster Extract and a Monster Bridle for Link’s horses. .

Tears of the Kingdom Side Adventure A Monstrous Collection IV


Next, Kilton will ask for a picture of Phrokes. These huge creatures can be found in The depths beneath Hyrule. Best place to find -0723, -1037, -0470 south of Nikayam Lightroot. It’s directly below the exchange ruins in the southern part of Hyrule Field. For trouble, players will receive both a monster extract and a monster saddle for their horses.

Tears of the Kingdom side adventure, great V collection


The fifth and final photo that Kilton will ask for is for King Gliock. These huge three-headed horrors can be found in the sky. The easiest way to get to the West Hebra Sky Archipelago seems to be on the round island in the far west of the map. Look for this sky island at -4420, 2297, 1246. The best way to get there is to complete Temple of the winds in Tears of the kingdom, then use jump ships to get to it. Be sure to bring stamina potions as it is a long flight. Kilton will give Link the diamond and monster extract.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom available for Nintendo Switch.