Could the film finally make it to the big screen?

It may be time to return to the Hall of Justice Zack Snyder shared yet another mystery teaser about the films he directed for DC Extended Universe. Recently, 300 there was a director posted a video Dealing with a message delivered by Lord Darkseid. After that, Snyder said something would be coming the last weekend of April. With the image he posted today, the director may be referring to the return of his DC productions to theaters. There will be stories that could return to the big screen Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In a surprising turn of events, Snyder’s version Justice League included in the teaser. After a family tragedy forced the director to shelve the team’s big-screen debut, Joss Whedon went behind the camera to complete the cinematic response to Warner Bros The Avengers. The theatrical part of the film ends with a disappointment at the box office and less receptors than positive reviews. The ripple effect set off by the film could be felt throughout the franchise, with Snyder turning to more comedy in favor of a horror tone. But this will not be the end of the story.

Years later Justice League DC Extended Universe changed direction, Warner Bros Snyder cut the project issued on HBO Max. Because of the long running time, superhero adventures have been delivered to fans in the form of limited series, divided into chapters that explore the most relevant plot points of the adventure. The director used the opportunity to bring his own version of Justice League to life as a way to say goodbye to the franchise, which is notable for the fact that the film was never released in theaters.

Flash, Batman and Wonder Woman in Justice League 2017
Image via Warner Bros Studios

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Could the Snyder Cut be coming to theaters?

The teaser Snyder released today ties each of his DC movies to a different date next month: April 28 Man of Steelfor April 29 Batman v Superman and for April 30 Justice League. Could this point to a Snyder Cut production? debut on the big screen? Only time will tell. While you wait for more from Zack Snyder, you can stream all of his DC movies, as well as the rest of the franchise, on HBO Max.

Check out Zack Snyder’s latest DC movie teaser below:

Image via Zack Snyder on Vero