The film, which also stars Helen Mirren and Rachel Zegler, opens on March 17.

The countdown is officially on until lightning strikes again in DC Comics’ upcoming superhero epic. Shazam! Wrath of the Gods. Sequel to Mystic, managed by David F. Sandbergmarked for viewing Zachary Levy Returning as the hero, the grown-up version of Billy Batson comes with his adoptive family. The action-packed film is set to see Billy share his precious gifts with his adoptive siblings, helping them overcome not only the angst of adolescence, but also the weight of the world. literally. Billy and his new Shazam family face a new threat, the daughters of Atlas Hespera.Helen Mirren), Anthea (Rachel Zegler) and Calypso (Lucy Liu) Shazam’s family aims to reclaim the powers they stole from their father. In a new behind-the-scenes clip, Levi and Ross ButlerEvgeny Choi, playing the adult superhero, seems to embrace the film’s magical chaos.

The snippet shows Butler decked out in his lightning-quick costume enjoying a reunion with his on-screen superhero siblings. Apparently, a kind of joke Shazam! The franchise jumps between the behind-the-scenes Butler and the adult superhero shoot with gusto. “Coming back feels like a family reunion,” he says in the video. “We joke around and then fight dragons.” In a seamless nod to the latter, the clip later cuts to a scene from the film where a monstrous dragon appears with glowing blue eyes. Evgeny said: “I suddenly came here.” Levi’s superhero counterpart explains: “‘Cause on the one hand, it’s on the other hand, ‘DRAGON’ is so scary!”

The video is a great representation of the immaturity that inevitably comes with teenage superpowers. It also fits in with the new learning experience set to take center stage for Shazamily, showing them having to learn to work together to take down their enemies. Previously, Director Sandberg told Collider the movie is about how “they have to learn to work together and be a superhero team” rather than just continuing to “do their own thing”.

Shazam!  Wrath of the Gods (2023)
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In true comic book style, romance is also on the table for Freddie Freeman (Jack Dylan Grazer). in a.d previously released clip, Freddie is seen having a very sweet encounter with Anthea. After the hallway confrontation, the couple immediately hit it off with Anthea, resulting in Freddie being called a “hero.” But, as with all good romances, it’s never simple. There’s a natural twist to Anthea being one of Atlas and Freddy’s daughters, who share Shazam’s powers, who end up being on opposite sides of the universe. Lovebird romance and teenage indiscretions aren’t the only problems Shazamily has with its leader, but the big responsibility that comes with being a hero comes with a potential meltdown or two.

Unanswered questions mean there’s a lot to look forward to on the reel Shazam! Wrath of the Gods. The film hits theaters on March 17th, until then you can watch a behind-the-scenes clip below.