Pot of Greed is one of the most popular cards in the world Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. This is a very good card that remains on the Banned and Restricted lists. It’s also a huge meme because of the anime, where they have to explain each card every time it’s played. The card inspired many other cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! including 10 additional Pot cards, some of which will become staples at least for a while, such as Pot of Avarice and Pot of Desires. To celebrate the legacy of these cards and Yu-Gi-Oh!In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Konami presents The Pot Collection.

Depending on where you live, you can access the appropriate website (Europe, Latin America, North America) and pre-order The Pot Collection for $159.99. You will receive: 11 PVC and ABS Pot figures (one for each of the Pot cards), 3 additional figures with bases related to Greed, a special Ultra Rare version of each card. one number (a total of 14 Ultra Rare cards) and a quarter century of mysterious Rare Cauldron of Greed. 14 Ultra Rares are also unique in that they use a special parallel film, making them similar but different to Starlight Rares. They are also produced in Japan using the same technique as the upcoming Japanese cards. We don’t love the cards, but the previews shown are pretty cool.

All this for just $159.99? It sounds crazy! Yu-Gi-Oh! They are certainly doing the right thing by celebrating their 25th anniversary. Are you more excited for numbers or cards?