Nihon Falcom today shared a Japanese release date, a new trailer, and new details about the upcoming action JRPG Ys X: Scandinavian countries.

The game will be released in Japan on September 28, 2023 for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. This was semi-predictable as Nihon Falcon tends to target almost always the same period for their releases.

We also get to see a short but packed trailer that showcases the first meeting between Adol and new heroine Karya on top of the gameplay, including combat, traversal and naval action.

You can view it below.


We also learn about other characters that will appear in the game, starting with Mirabel Asrad. She is a nurse who works at a clinic in Karnak founded by her father. She is friendly and cheerful, but surprisingly hardy. She even interacts naturally with Carda, who is known as the pirate princess.

Leif Eurys is a childhood friend of Glenn and Cruise, but he left Karnak to work outside the city. Although you can see signs of his youth, he is often surprisingly mature. When he returns to his hometown, he seems to avoid contact with his family and doesn’t even go near his house.

Lyra is a mysterious woman who communicates with Adol using a shell he found on the beach at Karnak. It is she who gives him the power of mana through the shell. She is somewhere in Obelia Bay and seems to need Adol’s help.

The Nameless Old Man is a large elderly gentleman who lives alone in a small hut on an island. When Adol visits him, he teaches him how to use mana power and how to fight. He seems to have lost all memories of his past, including where he comes from, why he lives on the island, and his own name.

If you want to see more of the upcoming game, you you can view previous screenshots, slightly older gallery with more detailed informationand more gameplay.

At the moment, the game is announced only for Japan. NIS America usually brings Nihon Falcom games to the West, but they haven’t revealed the localization yet. Given the usual pace, we can expect to have to wait a while before we can play Ys X: Nordics in English. Thankfully, the Ys series isn’t as far behind as it was Tracks series, so it might not be so bad.