Young Sheldon skips through Paige Swanson’s story and focuses on the Coopers without answering the big question about her and Sheldon.

Caution! Spoilers for Young Sheldon Season 6. Young Sheldon Season 6 leaves one big question about Paige and Sheldon that the show will have to answer in the future. The Big Bang Theory the prequel reunites Sheldon with his co-worker’s kid for a one-night college party. This marked the return of Paige Young Sheldon Since his last appearance in the 100th episode. However, instead of getting the help he needs, the troubled child is worse off. After dropping out of school, he becomes aimless and moves by willingly putting himself in danger.


The way CBS creates Paige’s arc is heartbreaking, especially considering how much potential she had when she was first introduced. Acts as a cautionary tale, Paige shows how dark it is TBBT could have been unless Sheldon meets Leonard and the rest of the Pasadena gang. Since Paige was not mentioned The Big Bang Theoryhowever, Young Sheldon it has creative wiggle room in terms of moving its story forward.

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What happened to Paige, who spent the night in Sheldon’s bedroom?

Young Sheldon Page and The Big Bang Theory Sheldon

Focusing on Mandy’s birth, Young Sheldon Paige didn’t have time to show the consequences of the night of the party. The Big Bang Theory the prequel jumped ahead in time and skipped the immediate consequences of his actions. For context, after Missy had some talk with her disturbed friend, she and her twins brought Paige to Sheldon’s bedroom. Passed out drunk, Paige spends the night at the school for geniuses, although she doesn’t complain about it. In fact, the adult Sheldon’s comment was not only the reason Young Sheldon to break TBBTtimeline of but he confirmed that he still has some hang-ups about that night.

Given Sheldon’s feelings, Paige has to stay overnight in the bedroom Young Sheldon The season 6 episode “Frat Party, Sleep and the Mother of All Bubbles” is interesting to see how their interactions were the morning and after. With Paige occupying the room, Sheldon may have had to spend the night elsewhere. Otherwise, Paige could wake up in the middle of the night and sneak out without saying goodbye. Either way, it’s an ongoing mystery Young Sheldon moving forward is still to be decided.

Young Sheldon has to show Sheldon how he reacts to Paige passing out in her bedroom

Young Sheldon Page The Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Amy

Sheldon wasn’t too happy to find Paige crashing every college party happening around East Texas Tech. Young Sheldon Season 6. Nevertheless, he gave permission and followed her The Big Bang Theory a prequel series to highlight his humanity; The genius boy wasn’t about to leave him alone either, especially since it was obvious he was going to get himself into trouble. So, while he tried to fight Missy for wanting to leave Paige with him, he also knew that she probably wouldn’t let him spend the night alone without a companion.

This is a must Young Sheldon dives deeper into Sheldon’s mindset while the whole Paige snafu is happening. His fellow child prodigy is neither featured nor referenced The Big Bang Theorytheir relationship in the prequel shows some aspects of the nerd-centric sitcom, particularly his Romance with Amy The Big Bang Theory is felt. For starters, Sheldon wouldn’t even let Amy in his bed right after he confessed his crush, but for some reason he let Paige spend the night in his bedroom.

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What Paige’s Cliffhanger Means for Young Sheldon

Paige and Sheldon

Paige has become an integral part Young Sheldonthe story of However, unlike his previous outings, his latest one doesn’t have a clear ending. It is unknown what happened to Missy after she left him in Sheldon’s room. Perhaps leaving her fate in limbo is a deliberate creative move by CBS, as it means she has to return. It might even be the story arc needed to get him back into the family sitcom. Whatever the reason, it won’t be the last he sees Young Sheldon. Hopefully when he shows up again, he’s in much better shape than the last time he cameo.

Young Sheldon Season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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