From the first season Youwe all know it’s Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley); he’s the problem, that’s him. And even during tea with the elite in season 4, everyone agrees that we have our fingers crossed that it’s Joe, despite the possibility of being the killer. But in the first half of season 4, viewers will see Rhys Montrose (Ed Speelers) was to blame this time. As if that wasn’t a surprising enough twist, in the second half it’s revealed that it was all Joe all along, and it turns out that Rhys – all along – was just his imagination. Joe is the host of a show that gets crazier with each passing season. Sarah Gamblehe explains why he chose this path and why it’s so important to challenge yourself as a writer.


Joe Goldberg, now known as Jonathan Moore after starting a new life in London, has always been crazy, even going so far as to kill someone for love. He also physically harmed people he dealt with, starting with Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lyle), Candace Stone (Amber Childers) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). But just as we thought the cycle had stopped with Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), Season 4 Episode 2 reveals that Joe actually kidnapped her and she couldn’t remember it – as far as she was concerned, Rhys had a hand in every crime she committed. in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gamble had already planned all the twists and turns in the series, especially in season 4. “You have to have a great reason for doing it, and then you have to have a lot of ideas about what to do with it when you jump in,” explained a presenter who decided to take such a difficult path. it was going to be a real challenge.I challenge the writer and the writers’ room.

Gamble also said that his team will be keeping a close eye on how crazy Joe gets from season to season, and he doesn’t want to shy away from the concept. She added: “This has been the hardest season by a mile. First, we’ve been fully who we are, then the whole time we’ve been going back to the beginning of every scene and watching what happens when you find out what it really is. . continuing with Rhys. We’ve had it in mind for a couple of seasons. We started talking about it early on. We didn’t agree to it until we knew who we were doing this season, but we’ve been watching closely how crazy it’s been. Joe from season to season passed because we didn’t want it to come completely out of left field.”

Ed Speleers and Penn Badgley in You Season 4 Episode 2
Image via Netflix

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The Netflix series hasn’t been afraid to transition from one season to the next, and Season 4 hasn’t deviated from the show’s usual punchline. When Season 2 ended, viewers learned that Love shares the same crazy mindset as Joe. And this time in season 4, Rhys was the killer – or so we thought. Although it was only in Joe’s mind, Speleers also had to play a crazy character.

In addition to reprising their roles in Season 4, Gabrielle and Badgley also reprise their roles as Speleers Rhys in the newest season. You including new characters Charlotte Ritchie as Kate Galvin, Tilly Keeper As Lady Phoebe, Amy-Lee Hickman As Nadia Farran and Lucas Gage As Adam Pratt.

Part 2 You Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix. You can watch the trailer below.