Actor Penn Badgleyfamous for his roles in the series Gossip Girl and You, has had a solid career so far, making a name for herself by picking up hit series. But like many of his acting peers, Badgley says there was one role he almost landed that really got away.

breaking Bad was the phenomenon of a television series that many consider the perfect show or all-time favorite. The series follows Oscar-nominated and multi-Emmy winner Walter White as Bryan Cranston, a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer, decides to manufacture and sell methamphetamine to pay for treatment, leaving his family with a nestegg. He hires his apprentice to help him move the product, and the duo dive into the film to create five seasons and an engaging story.

Even though we all know Aaron Paul It turns out that the role almost went to Penn Badgley, as an actor who was portrayed by Jesse Pinkman, a student of Walter White. The actor recently said Buzzfeed:

“The one that was close to me was Breaking Bad. It was between me and Aaron Paul, we did a test. It was actually the best television script I’d read at the time. It was a runaway.”

I can see how it goes with these two. Badgley is about the same age and he is a very good actor. I love Aaron Paul in the role and I can’t imagine anyone else playing him as well as he does. Gossip Girl premiered a year ago breaking Bad began, so Badgley was not idle for long. And he continued to play darker roles with his Netflix series You. So we can’t be too sad for him. I am sure he has many interesting roles in the future.