MicrosoftThe head of the gaming division said the company has several “GoldenEye-type” reveals planned for the coming months ahead of a big product reveal in June.

The platform holder held the first one last month Xbox and Bethesda The Developer_Direct digital event where the announcement was made Minecraft legends and Redfall release give, shown by Forza Motorsportand a surprise announced and dismissed Tango GamesworksHi-Fi Rush.

At the end of the event, he also confirmed the plans to hold a product demonstration in Los Angeles in June.

GoldenEye 007 – Xbox Game Pass date reveal trailer

During the recent Xbox One In an interview, Spencer was asked if there were any more big openings planned for the show this summer.

“So right now we’re focused on the demonstration in June, but there’s some news,” he replied.

“You know, like we did the GoldenEye (ad), I think, you know, GoldenEye type of ad.”

After months of speculation, Microsoft a modern port of GoldenEye 007 has been officially announced for Xbox Game Pass in late January.

“So the games will be available on different services,” Spencer continued. “Obviously, the Game Pass portfolio continues to grow, but we as a team are most focused on getting ready for the demo.

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“We have Redfall, we have Minecraft Legends, we have Starfield goes, we have Forza is coming So I love that the portfolio is here and people are starting to play, and starting the year with Hi-Fi Rush was so fantastic.”

Last year, Bethesda delayed the release of Starfield from November 2022 to “first half of 2023”. The game was absent from the Developer_Direct presentation, Microsoft said plan to hold a separate event later to “dedicate an appropriate amount of time to deep immersion” in the sci-fi role-playing game.