As a community of more than 3 billion players worldwide grows, continued investment in trust and security is critical to creating a safe and inclusive online environment. Keeping players safe from harm is an integral part of the Xbox Security team and our work. Players don’t often see or know about all the content moderation activities that work in the background, helping to make their experience safer and more enjoyable. Today we release the second one Xbox Transparency Reportwhich details ongoing efforts to better protect our players and shows our security measures in action.

Our multifaceted security suite includes our proactive and reactive moderation measures, Community standardsupbringing and family control, for example Xbox Family Settings app, and we also continue cooperation with industry partners and regulators. Our significant investment in content moderation combines artificial intelligence and human-made technologies to capture and filter content before it reaches and affects players. We employ a range of measures that give us the scale, speed and breadth to keep up with the growing engagement and activity of our players. As noted in the Transparency Report, 80% (8.08 million) of total actions during this period were due to our proactive moderation efforts. Evidence suggests the impact of this approach.

As player needs continue to evolve, so do our tools. The safety of our players is a top priority, and we will continue to invest in innovation, work closely with industry partners and regulators, and gather feedback from the community to improve online safety. We look forward to sharing more.

Transparency report infographic

Key findings in the report include:

  • Preventive measures are a key driver for a safer player experience. In this period 80% of our total enforcement actions were the result of our proactive moderation efforts. Our proactive moderation approach includes both automated and human measures that filter content before it reaches players. Automated tools like Community Sift work with text, video and images to catch offensive content in milliseconds. In the last year alone, Community Sift has estimated 20 billion human interactions on Xbox. Preventive measures are also identified and taken against 100% account spoofing, piracy, phishing and scam/unauthentic accounts.
  • Increased attention to inappropriate content. We understand that the needs of our players are constantly evolving, and we continue to listen to player feedback about what is and is not acceptable on the platform in accordance with our community standards. Over the last period, we have expanded our definition of vulgar content to include offensive gestures, sexual content and crude humor. This type of content is generally considered objectionable and objectionable, detracting from the core gameplay experience for many of our players. This policy change, along with improvements to our image classifiers, has led to A 450% increase. performed in a vulgar sense, p 90.2% proactively moderated. These measures often result in the simple removal of objectionable content displayed in An increase of 390%. in “content only” application during this time period.
  • The focus on non-authentic accounts continues. Our proactive moderation, up 16.5x over the same period last year allows us to catch negative content and behavior before it reaches players. The Xbox security team issued over 7.51 million proactive enforcement against inauthentic accounts representing 74% from the total number of recoveries in the reporting period (from 57% last reporting period). Non-authentic accounts are usually automated or created by bots that create an uneven playing field and can detract from a positive player experience. We continue to invest and improve our technology so that players can have a safe, positive and engaging experience.

Globally, our team continues to work closely with key industry partners to collaborate on our approach to security, including increasing education and improving our security measures to exceed standards:

Together we create a community where everyone can have fun. Every person, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, has a role to play in creating a more positive and engaging community for all. Player feedback and reports help us improve our security features. If you see something inappropriate, please report it – we couldn’t do it without you!

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