Sarah Bond, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of gaming, said Xbox is considering other gaming models, such as “time-lapse” games or in-game advertising.

In an interview with Rolling Stones Great Britain, Bond was asked how developers can succeed on Xbox. She said, “Game Pass is an option for developers,” before explaining that Game Pass is just one of many business models, saying, “You have pay-per-game, then there was free-to-play, and then we introduced Game Pass”.

Bond says Xbox is also considering other strategies.

“We’ve talked about how we’re experimenting with other models, like what does that mean for in-game advertising that’s more prevalent on mobile — are there models that work well on PC and consoles? Are there other models where maybe you have time slices of games etc.? Giving creators options and choices allows them to experiment and do what they love and actually create a more immersive and creative experience without fitting into a mold.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Xbox has another model that doesn’t apply to Game Pass, but both require you to have a Gold membership. One is called Games with Gold, and Gold members are given two games per month to keep as long as they have an active Gold membership. In addition to this, there are also free play days that allow Gold members to play select games for a few days.

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