Xbox Game Pass adds the popular survival sandbox game Walheim to its console lineup, making it available to subscribers for the first time, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X users. It was previously added to PC Game Pass, giving the title a small amount story on Game Pass.

It’s certainly exciting for fans of the survival game, but interested or not, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are in for a busy week. Walheim is now available on Game Pass, and its popularity cannot be understated. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass will support this Civilization 6 March 16, and the franchise has always been a staple of the strategy genre. The service is expected to announce any other upcoming additions relatively soon.


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Walheim celebrates the launch of Game Pass on consoles with a new trailer. Not only does it give fans a good look at the game graphically, but it also makes several promises, such as how players will be able to explore this tenth world, discover many wonders, create a special base from the surrounding resources, collect friends, and bring themselves to Odin. WalheimThe deep roots of Norse mythology are also self-evident in this trailer and the game itself. To sweeten the pot, Walheimfeatures of the cooperative are not limited to the new base of console players.

Walheim Developer Iron Gate has confirmed that the game has full cross-play capabilities with the new Xbox platforms, the Microsoft Store on PC, as well as Steam. This should be useful as less experienced players can check out all the features of the game before potentially delving into their own personal servers or something else. Notably, those who have it on the Microsoft Store can also play it on their Xbox consoles and vice versa, so Walheim supports the idea of ​​giving fans many ways to play. Supplement to Xbox Game Pass is ultimately a big boost for its community, as such services are great for multiplayer games.

As we wrote in our Walheim review, “is an incredibly addictive Viking survival game that will keep players exploring, crafting and building for hours.” And now there will be more players to spend endless hours in these realms inspired by Norse mythology.

Xbox Game Pass users get multiple games every month.

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