WWE 2K23Update 1.04 has just been released, which fixes four major bugs found in the game. 2K Games’ latest installment in the WWE franchise was released on March 17, 2023, boasting many new features and an updated roster. WWE 2K23 caused a very positive reception. However, as with every annual release, the game still has a few bugs and improvements that the team can work on after launch.

The latest patch fixed an issue in MyFaction that many consider to be game breaking. WWE 2K23 reworked by MyFaction received many new improvements this year. With an added focus on online multiplayer, this mode has plenty of content for players to enjoy. MyFaction has added new cards to collect and new game options such as Quick Play. Old features like Weekly Towers and Proving Grounds have been brought back and some familiarity has been created in the mode. Any bugs in this mod should be fixed to ensure better game balance.


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According to WWE 2K23The official website has addressed several reports of exploits in MyFaction mode. While no specific incidents have been detailed, MyFaction mode receives regular updates, so cleaning up any codes or bugs is a more than welcome fix. The widely reported Create-A-Superstar crash has also been fixed, according to the report. Some memory-related crashes for PS5 and PC have also been fixed.


currently WWE 2K23The team has done a great job finding minor issues that have affected users’ games. Players can remember the disastrous and bad mess that was WWE 2K20. Until WWE 2K22 have already fixed this bug, it’s nice to know that Visual Concepts and 2K Games have managed to maintain and improve the game’s fighting engine as it is currently in use. While the older games are still missing a lot of features, from a fan perspective, the drive to bring back a lot of features that weren’t there last year, such as extended login, is awesome.

Similar to the MyFaction fix, the Create-A-Superstar bug fix is ​​a huge help since the Creation Suite is literally one of the franchises. Most users spend hours playing in these modes, so a game crash at a critical moment is very frustrating. Number custom downloadable characters WWE 2K23 almost infinite. Hopefully, the patch will encourage more creators to spend time in the Creation Suite so they don’t have to worry about losing hours of progress.

WWE 2K23 Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash message that could occur in Create-A-Superstar when setting up for a long period of time
  • Addressed reports of memory-related crashes that could occur on PlayStation 5 and PC
  • Fixed exploit notification in MyFACTION
  • Fixed a reported issue in MyRISE where players were returned to the main menu instead of continuing the storyline

WWE 2K23 now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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