Novelties of cosmetics are already available in World of Warcraft trading post, including one special Darkmoon-inspired outfit that can be unlocked by completing that month’s traveler’s log panel.

Transmog is a great way to express your creativity World of Warcraftand some interesting elements were added trading post for the month of March. One of the outfits available is the Harlequin Bells of the Darkmoon ensemble, and if you want to be the jester of the raid party, this outfit is for you. With the colors we know and love at Darkmoon Faire, you can host events wherever you want, for as long as you want, not just once a month. Some outfits can only be worn at certain times of the year, but you can show off your fun festival spirit all year round with a new set. The Harlequin Bells ensemble can be unlocked by completing the steps in the traveler’s journal and completing the row at the top of the journal.

Gnomish Liquid Transfer Apparatus at World of Warcraft Trading Post

Trading Post also has other transmogs available, including a Fel-inspired outfit called the Fel-Automaton Exoplat ensemble, which showcases that green flame from Legion that we probably can’t miss seeing around the world. There’s also a cute rear transmog slot that looks like a treasure chest filled to the top with loot, a one-handed Frozen Shadow that glows purple like Exodar walls, and even Gnomish Liquid Transfer Apparatus. Even though this machine may look like a bucket, well it is.. it is a bucket.

Earlier this year, Trading Post appeared in major cities and rewards players only for permanently logging into the game. Not only does this keep players coming back for more, but it also delays those who have reached the current end-game content. We hope that the developers will continue to add new items like this every month to keep players looking forward.