Woody Harrelson and Bowen Young go into beast mode in this awesome gym scene from their Saturday Night Live sketch.

Saturday Night Live with is back this weekend Woody Harrelson as host and Jack White as musical guest. During the episode, viewers got a dose of fitness as Harrelson hit the gym with the cast Bowen Young. However, this was no ordinary gym. It was “the most beautiful gym in the world”. Dressed in their finest, Harrelson and Young attend rehearsals for the books, complete with golden scales.

The two quickly strike up a conversation, which quickly turns out to be as ridiculous as the idea of ​​the world’s most beautiful gym. Initially, Yang said that he had to leave the wedding to avoid his new wife. Harrelson said he was excited by the music β€” the kind of soft piano music you might hear in an equally fancy restaurant. Also, they literally misunderstand almost everything others say, except for gymnastics, terms like “leg day” and “cheat day.”


They continue to talk about the gym equipment (of course, it’s awesome), which leads to a moment that forces Harrelson to break character, as Young says, “That gym is so cool, it should be called James.” As the mic drops, Yang switches to the rowing machine, which is actually a boat. While there, he drops a Disney reference as he goes into “beast mode.” Simply put, it “keeps a beautiful rose under a bell jar.”

Woody Harrelson and Bowen Young on SNL
Image via NBC

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Young finished rowing and the two men exchanged banter back and forth, like Harrelson forgetting his protein powder — not what you’d imagine — and a comment about Young wiping the car he just used. Yang eventually reveals an old man walking on a treadmill with a walker at his gym. Harrelson says the gym is for everyone, including gym rats. Yes, he meant a rat lifting tiny dumbbells.

A gentle gymnastics session ends with Young and Harrelson acknowledging their newfound friendship and suggesting they pick up a routine they dropped somewhere along the way. Young starts stretching, but unfortunately he tears his ACL, you’ll have to watch it to see what he means. Harrelson suggests an alternative word for which they should work the most important muscle: the heart (below the pectoral), confirming the pair’s new connection.

Saturday Night Live will be back next weekMarch 4, with the host Travis Kelce and musical guest Kelsey Ballerini. Take a tour of the world’s most beautiful gym below: