What else did you expect from an internet survey?

Woody Harrelson hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Jack White and the two joined the five-timer club in the process. Overall, while the episode was a mixed bag, some of the sketches stood out and were great! Like a bunch of officers talking about what their new ship will be named after a poll and quickly getting out of hand, because that’s what happens when the public votes on things like that.

This very expensive nuclear submarine was given to the crew, and they were all happy for the honor. The name of the submarine? Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL; 6969. In real life, in 2016, the public decided to name the research vessel Boaty McBoatface, so it is not difficult to believe that something similar exists. possible to happen Imagine being at school and learning about the history of Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL; 6969 was used to defend the United States.

If anything, I think Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon should be written ASDFJKL; 6969 is difficult enough without thinking of a real submarine called Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL several times; 6969. But then again, we made Boaty McBoatface a real thing, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

Image via NBC

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There was a lot of shouting going on in the sketch, and people kept shouting about Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL; 6969. This name came up because of the “overwhelming majority” poll and they didn’t take the poll seriously until it was too late, as you always have to be sure when doing an online poll. border options that people must vote on before making their bids. So you end up with Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL; 6969 instead of the real name of the submarine.

It was funny and simple and they were all seen loudly shouting the famous ‘ASDFJKL’. But let this be a lesson to all the people who want to go ahead and do an online survey to name what’s important: maybe give it to them. options before you guys go ahead and release it to the world, otherwise you’ll have an important submarine called Mr. Dingleberry’s Goochballoon ASDFJKL; 6969.