Are John Higgins and Martin Herlihy keeping a secret?

Known as a comedy group Please don’t break it consists of Ben Marshall, John Higginsand Martin Herlihy led to their absurd way of thinking Saturday Night Live. Usually, their sketches involve something totally out of the ordinary, like a random animal or a person who keeps popping up, and this time they decided to use the host to their advantage. Or at least, he was ready to accept as the new “Ben”. Marshall is arguing with the host Woody Harrelson and the two are watching their friends in the car.

What Marshall realizes is that he isn’t that important to his friends…or he’s too important to them and they’re afraid of losing him when they find out they’re together and each has a secret family. knows nothing about another Marshall. It starts with her friends thinking they’re just hanging out without her, then they kiss and slowly their secret family reveals itself and they have lots of kids and apparently told everyone. but Marshall.


“Uncle” Kenan Thompson shows up and Marshall watches as everyone trashes their phones and has fun together, ignoring him as he texts them. Fortunately, Harrelson is there trying to be his support system. He realizes that his friends are actually listening to the others so that the “new” Ben can take over.

John Higgins and Martin Gerlihy, please don't delete the sketch
Image via NBC

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When he confronts them, both Higgins and Herlihy tell him he can’t replace him because there’s only one Marshall, and the camera shows them finding someone to take over the role of the new “Ben”: Harrelson in Red Wig. The sketch works thanks to Marshall playing the crazy dude, and Harrelson is willing to “make it look like a heist” when Higgins and Harry are initially thought to be hanging out without Marshall. It’s also funny to see Higgins and Gerhely trying to get rid of their friend and justify leaving him.

It’s another one of those weird “Please Don’t Destroy” sketches that fans have been waiting for, and it’s funny to see them run together and go after Marshall to have a happy family with the new version of “Ben” in their lives. …Harrelson though. Check out the new sketch below: