Woody Harrelson missed out on a chance to star in the 1994 comedy Dumb & Dumber because of a game of pool with director Peter Farrelly.

Woody Harrelson did not appear in the game Dumb and stupid because of a game of pool. The hit 1994 buddy comedy stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as two dim-witted but well-intentioned friends who embark on a journey to return a suitcase full of money to its rightful owner, unaware that it has actually been left behind. as payment. Dumb and stupid directed by Peter Farrelly and based on a screenplay he co-wrote with his brother Bobby Farrelly.

At the time of its recent appearance Late Night with Seth MeyersHarrelson revealed that he was almost cast Dumb and stupidbut didn’t because he was so good at the pool.

Harrelson recalled the time he was roommates with Peter Farrelly, who proposed to him role Dumb and stupid. However, a hesitant Harrelson told him, “Let’s play a game of pool. And if I win, I won’t do it. I will do it if you win.” Harrelson won, though he’s now kicking himself for missing out on his own comedy. Read how the actor recalled the incident below:

I said: “Petey, I’ll tell you what. I’m kind of torn, let’s play pool. And if I win, I won’t do it. If you win, I’ll do it. ” So eight to ‘p and it’s a crazy shot in the pocket that most people, even Willy Mosconi, would have trouble with. Am I? I sunk the damn ball!

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Every collaboration between Woody Harrelson and the Farrelly Brothers

Woody Harrelson is coaching at the Basketball Court of Champions

Even though Harrelson didn’t play Dumb and stupid Because of the pool game, he played Kingpin after two years. The 1996 comedy, directed by both the Farrelly brothers, followed Harrelson as a washed-up bowler who manages a flamboyant Amish talent played by Randy Quaid. Although Kingpin did not turn level symbolic comedy Dumb and stupidit has gathered a following over the years.

Harrelson and one half of the Farrelly brothers have teamed up for another sports movie. ChampionsIt will be released in theaters on March 10. Director Bobby Farrelly, in his solo directorial debut, Champions Portrays Harrelson as a disgraced basketball coach who, in order to fulfill a community service requirement, coaches a team of intellectually disabled players who will soon compete for the Special Olympics. Although Harrelson missed his chance at stardom Dumb and stupidhis creative partnership with the Farrelly brothers still thrives over the years. its new edition Champions.

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Source: Late Night with Seth Meyers