Team Ninja has released a statement regarding the issues PC players are experiencing in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

The long-awaited action game released earlier today and generated quite a bit of interest with its demo. Alan Wen gave the game a recommended icon in your review on PlayStation 5, but PC performance seems to be flawless.

At the time of writing, Wo Long is in the top five bestsellers on Steam. Earlier today, the game peaked at 75,906 concurrent players on the platform (as recorded SteamDB), making it one of the most popular Team Ninja games on PC.


Watch the Eurogamer video team play through the beginning of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on PS5.

Unfortunately, the game now has mostly negative reviews on Steam from players reporting issues with controls, frame rate, and resolution. Gamers who use a keyboard and mouse say the camera controls poorly, and there are complaints about unintuitive key mapping. Other players have reported a significant drop in frame rate, which is never helpful in an action game, preventing them from defeating the game’s first bosses.

Team Ninja released a statement saying they are investigating the issues affecting the game’s performance. The studio is preparing “soon” to release a patch to improve mouse control of the camera.

For general issues, such as when the screen goes black during the intro scene, Team Ninja directs players to Wo Long FAQ page.