Fengxi is the boss of the boar in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty which appears at the end of Two Chivalrous Heroes. The community’s experience of this boss was sharply divided; some players can’t seem to get him below half health, while others clear him with ease.

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This can be directly explained by the tactics used by the players. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty allows gamers to choose their own builds, and some of these loadouts don’t perform as well against Fengxi. With the right strategy, any player of any build and talent level can pass.


Preparation for battle

Wo long fallen dynasty prepares to fight the boss

Until receiving full respect would be impractical in the middle of the battlefield, there are some things all players can do to make this final boss fight easier. Go to the nearest flag and make sure the Divine Beast, reinforcements, weapons and armor are in place.

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This is always a wise idea to educate morality and fortitude. Rest at the flag and keep killing previously defeated enemies until you reach max morale of 25 to make this battle easier. Getting all the flags also ensures that the morale is as high as possible, reducing the penalty if the character falls to the boss. Also, fully charge the Divine Beast meter.

How to defeat Fengxi

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty How to defeat Fenxi Collage

As with most bosses, defeating Fancy comes down to understanding moves and blocking or parrying each attack. In Fengxi’s case, it’s best to stay back as far as possible, letting him get close to the character and then parry his attacks.

Fancy moves

The long fallen Fancy Dynasty attacks with tusks-1

Fegxi will lift one front hoof up, then lift it up by bringing both front hooves up and then down again. This is a sign that it is about to charge. Melee characters can dodge behind him, while shooters can easily get deflected as he slowly lunges forward with his tusks.

In the second half of this fight, Fancy will charge in the direction he came from, so be prepared to deflect this move twice.

The long-defunct Fancy dynasty prepares to strike

If Fancy raises his front legs in the air or turns his head, he is going to strike under himself. After that, he does another hit with the same animation. Parrying both of these attacks should help fill the spirit meter. In this situation, ranged characters only need to worry about their companion.

The long-defunct Fancy dynasty turns its head on its side

As Fancy turns his head to the side, he is about to spin for a wide attack in front of him. While it’s best to parry this attack, it can be fast, so dodging back or running around his back are also viable options.

Wo The Fengxi Stomping Attack Dynasty has long fallen

If Fancy raises his front hooves and raises his head in the air, he’s about to start pouncing in all directions. The timing for this will vary depending on where the player is standing, but the kick hits both the front and back. It’s best to go back and wait until all four of his feet are on the ground again.

The long-defunct Fancy Dynasty does a gut punch

Sometimes Fancy will go all the way up in the air and try to belly slap the character. Ranged and melee players alike will have to be wary of this attack, but the timing is easy as it falls with gravity.

The long-defunct Fancy dynasty is preparing to go belly up

Fengxi has two unblockable attacks, both of which are easier to counter when players are further away. Watch for his next move after he turns red.

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A belly attack causes him to rear up on his hind legs and lift his body into the air. He will jump up to the character and when he arrives, he will punch him in the stomach. Wait to deflect until he starts to hit, he often hovers over the character to trick the player into deflecting too early.

Wo of the long fallen Fengxi Dynasty Unblockable Charge

Fengxi’s other unblockable move is another charge that is very similar in timing to his first charge. When it glows red and energy goes to its head, it means that a charge is coming. Players further away will easily be able to deflect before Fancy arrives.

When Fegsy is stunned by a streak of negative spirit, take a moment use the Divine Beast for extra damage before dealing the final blow.

This battle is a random combination of these moves. Recognizing that this is an early main boss, if it proves to be too difficult, feel free to start over using perfect early game build. Farming this level for weapons and armor can also be useful.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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