Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Wimbledon will remove the tournament’s strict all-white dress code and allow female players to wear dark panties to address the concerns of menstruating female players.

The move comes after protests at this year’s tournament and criticism from Judy Murray and Billie Jean King from the Address The Dress Code campaign, which seeks to highlight the anxiety women may face when competing in traditional whites.

“We are committed to supporting the players and listening to their feedback on how they can do their best,” said All England Club CEO Sally Bolton. “I am pleased to confirm that, after consultation with the players and representatives of various stakeholder groups, the management committee has made the decision to update the white dress code at Wimbledon.

“This means that starting next year, women and girls competing in the Championships will have the option to wear colored inner shorts if they wish. We hope this rule change will help players focus solely on their performance, removing any potential cause for concern.”

The All England Club added that “other apparel, accessories and equipment requirements have not changed”.

The move follows several similar cases across the sport. In September, West Bromwich Albion Women announced that they will wear navy blue shorts instead of white in their home jerseys, and the issue was also brought up by the English football team ahead of the European Championship in the summer.