Disney chose yesterday clear large amounts of content Disney+ and Hulu to merge their catalogs into one streaming app before merging them together. It was one of those series unfortunate enough to get the ax Willow That’s surprising considering the streak ended just six months ago. Writer John Bickerstaffworked on Warwick Davis fantasy series, received Twitter with a thread criticizing Disney for the decision to make the series non-existent.

Willow served as a sequel to the 1988 classic of the same name George Lucas and led Ron Howard. After the defeat of Queen Bawmor, the series picks up with Willow Ufgood, a sorceress from Nelwin, as the leader of a new group of adventurers, including the now grown Elora (Ellie Bamber), baby Willow and company were saved in the first film. Together, the party sets out to rescue Prince Airk after he is kidnapped, leading them further away from home to visit this world and face a growing evil than was shown in the original film.


Create a sequel Willow It took years to happen and it was finally working with him Jonathan Kasdan at the helm, it was easily one of the most anticipated new shows in Disney’s lineup. Even took the place Star Wars Holiday It will show its first teaser in 2022. Bickerstaff was clearly not happy to see the work of everyone involved go down the drain after such a short time. “They gave us six months,” he wrote. “Not even. This business has become absolutely brutal.” While the move includes an impairment charge of between $1.5 billion and $1.8 billion that Disney could claim, it will either replace lost stream balances amid turbulent times in the industry. it stopped. with the ongoing WGA strike:

Before you say take a tax write-off: these shows have already been released and therefore cannot be written off. And in Willow’s case, they own the property outright. The only conclusion is to avoid paying these balances. During the strike.

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Willow Disney was far from the only victim of the purge

In addition, Bickerstaff was frustrated by Disney’s willingness to soon drop an in-house show that would cost too much to produce. It was one thing to cancel Willow in efforts to reorganize the flow strategy of the company under Bob Iger, but there is nothing left to remove it completely. “Look, the perpetual-flow libraries are not sustainable,” he continued. “We’re all going to have to adjust to that at some point. But (REDACTED) spending money on a show and then destroying it six months later is just bad business.”

Of course, Willow Just one of the many removals from Disney streamers. Shows cut by House of Mouse include a number of fan favorites The Mysterious Benedictine Society for The World According to Jeff Goldblum and Dolface. These shows, and the minds behind them, represent the modern reality of broadcast nausea. It became known recently a huge Warner Bros. discovery In the past year, short animated series and family content have changed in a big way. Unfortunately, this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

Check out the trailer Willow below.