As production finally begins, Willem Dafoe is sharing some insight into his strange preparation for the film. Nosferatu processing. The latest unofficial Adaptation by Bram Stoker Dracula novel Recently comes the horror genre veterinarian Robert Eggers, famous for his work A witch and Lighthouseas well as a historical epic Northern man. Eggers brings back several of his former collaborators Nosferatuincluding Ralph Ineson and Willem Dafoe.

When talking to Collider to discuss the newly released thriller InsideWillem Dafoe was asked by Robert Eggers about his latest project Nosferatu processing. The star shared the excitement of meeting again Lighthouse the director revealed the strange preparation he goes through for the film, which is growing out his hair and facial hair. See what Dafoe shared in the comments below and in the video:

I love working with Robert Eggers. I had a great time. I saw The Witch and I really liked it. I arranged a meeting with him. We liked each other. Then I did The Lighthouse, which was a great experience and I think it’s a really good movie. Then I did a small part in The North Man, which I really enjoyed, and now I get to do that. So I’m glad to be back with him. It’s Nosferatu, his version of Nosferatu. That’s why I have this mustache and (corners) because we’re filming now. I’ll start in a bit. I am happy to be with him again. He is a great director and I enjoy his presence.

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Why Eggers and Dafoe always make a good couple

Willem Dafoe

With only three films to date, Eggers has proven to be an enduring talent behind the camera. A witch and Lighthouse Helping to further enhance A24’s mainstream status, as well as introducing the world to Anya Taylor-Joy in her first. Among his frequent collaborators are performances by Dafoe Lighthouse and Northern maneven in the latter, only one cameo, the actor received some of the best reviews of his career, and did not even land nominations for major awards.

One of the biggest reasons for Eggers and Dafoe’s success together was their shared interest in experimental storytelling. LighthouseThe reimagining of the Edgar Allan Poe short story was largely inspired by the filmmaker’s previous theater experience, which Dafoe also began his career in, and Like HP Lovecraft and Herman Melville, resulting in a very unique and old-fashioned dialect that only a faithful performer like Dafoe could bring to life.

Just like before, Northern man Dafoe may have been minimally used, but he’s just as fully into his role as the Viking joker. Eggers vet Ralph Ineson is confirmed to portray this version NosferatuHead of the Renfield Detention Facility, Dafoe’s professor Albin Eberhart Von Franz appears to be a new character, making it unclear how big a role he will play in the horror remake.

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