A lot happened in the Dunphy family in the following seasons Modern family, Luke got lost in the noise whether he went to college or not. As the youngest member of the Dunphy clan, Luke got away with a lot because his parents, Phil and Claire, were more concerned about his older sisters, Hayley and Alex. Since Luke was a carbon copy of his father, his personality revolved around his cheerful personality and his pranks with his “uncle” Manny. Stories surrounding his future goals are rare, as he was not always taken seriously as the youngest of the family.


Once Alex went to Caltech, not long after, Luke shot in college. Before Modern family Canceled after season 11, Luke’s future plans were about to fall apart like his older sisters. With Alex and Hayley in and out of the house and Claire and Phil already making plans as empty nesters, the writers hinted that Luke might not even go to college.

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Phil and Luke clean up the mess on Modern Family

In Modern family Season 8, Episode 17, “The Pig Moon Rises” Luke is rejected from every college, including Phil’s. Since Phil is an inheritance, he visits the college and talks to the dean to give Luke a chance. However, Luke did not like the way he was received and turned down the opportunity. In Season 9, Luke decided to attend community college until he figured out what direction he wanted to take. Because Alex, too, Hayley had a successful career on the horizon, Luke thought it would be safer to attend a community college and take the courses he was interested in before applying to university.

Small glimpses of Luke’s community college life are shown when Phil is offered a teaching position for those interested in real estate. Luke didn’t like the fact that his father was so close at a time when he needed to spread his wings and find himself, it was a small hint of where his thoughts were about the future.

Luke transferred to the University of Oregon

Luke is talking about the modern family

In Modern family In the series finale, Luke shocked his entire family when he announced that he had been accepted to the University of Oregon and was leaving home in the fall. the end of Modern family His final season was emotional enough, but knowing that Luke was the first Dunphy kid to leave the state for college made things even more sentimental.

Claire and Phil made Empty Nesters when Luke went to college

After Luke announced that he was going to the University of Oregon, his sisters also said they were leaving home. Haley was moving out of the Dunphy house with Dylan and the twins and into Mitch and Cam’s old apartment. Likewise, Alex was offered a job in Switzerland with his lover, Arvin. Phil and Claire were now empty nesters when all three children left home at the same time. While the couple wanted a quieter home, they weren’t ready for all their children to leave at once.

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