Tyson’s Fury And Oleksandr Usik He appears on a collision course for the spring of 2023 in a highly anticipated showdown that could see all four world heavyweight titles at stake.

Bob Arum WBC champion and Usyk announced the WBA, IBF and WBO title roster, after that they agreed to fight each otherUK and Middle East with possible destinations.

As Fury’s co-organizer, Arum is confident that in the first four months of this year, a fight can be fought without the two champions having to play every once in a while.

“The two warriors agreed to fight each other from now on,” he said. “We’re dealing with Fury and Usyk as two adults, not too much (garbage) back and forth. Usyk is a good friend of mine, he’s very smart and Tyson is Superman, both athlete and intellect.

“So they want war. They both want a fight and so there will be very little (if any) around. So we can do this. I am very confident in myself. As I said, both warriors agreed to fight each other without any intermediate fights.

Here we look at the state of the game.

Will Fury fight Usyk?

Boxing is so fickle that nothing can be guaranteed until the fighters are actually in the ring.

No contracts have been signed, a date has yet to be agreed and the venue is still up in the air, but rumors are rife at Wembley Stadium in London on 29 April.

So what are the reasons for hope?

It’s been a frustrating year for fight fans in the UK, but Arum seems positive about the ongoing situation.

His relationship with Fury is well known, but he is also fond of Usyk and promotes the Ukrainian’s close friend and boxer friend. Vasil Lomachenko.

Negotiations between the camps are progressing with the discussion of March dates.

One hurdle has been removed though, as Fury won’t go under the knife in his right elbow, which bugged him in a routine win. Derek Chisora in December.

What about Daniel Dubois?

In December, the WBA ordered Usyk to defend his “super” title against the “regular” belt holder. daniel dubois.

However, given that Frank Warren’s promotion also included Fury and Dubois, that hurdle shouldn’t prove too problematic.

In addition, the IBF has revoked the order for Usyk to defend his belt against his mandatory opponent, Filip Hrgovic.

So all roads lead to Usyk versus Fury?

Both fighters will certainly be aware that their legacy may depend on breaking a deal, but the devil is always in the details.

It is worth remembering Fury and Anthony Joshua They were about to finish a blockbuster match, but negotiations there ultimately failed with both sides finger-pointing.

While there is a desire to take this fight in the books, there may be more twists and turns.

The two could meet in 2023

(Action Footage via Reuters)

Where will the fight be?

Wembley Stadium is the current favourite.

While Usyk has fond memories of London winning Olympic gold in 2012 before dethroning Joshua as world champion at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last year, the temptation to fill Wembley again will be tempting for Fury.

However, both fighters will expect to be generously rewarded for their efforts, so take into account Saudi Arabia, which staged Usyk-Joshua II, the United Arab Emirates, and perhaps even Qatar, which hosts the 2022 FIFA World Cup. wait.

Who will win?

Boxing needs this fight between two undefeated fighters to happen in 2023 and there can be no excuses.

Fury, in particular, would see his reputation damaged if another high-profile match failed.

Fury has the edge in height, distance and weight making him a favourite, but Usyk underestimated similar disadvantages to beat Joshua twice.

While Fury is a superior boxer than his British counterpart, Usyk may be the most skilled fighter of his generation.