Joel lies to Ellie about what happened to the Flames in The Last of Us Season 1, but does she believe him and what does this mean for Season 2?

The end of us Season 1 ends on the ambiguous note of whether or not Ellie will trust Joel about what happened to the firemen. The two men’s cross-country trip to use Ellie’s immune system to cure the Cordyceps virus doesn’t pay off either. After forming a strong father-daughter bond, Joel makes the controversial decision to kill the Firefly doctors who can heal. This is because developing a cure would require an operation that would kill Ellie, and she chooses to save him instead of saving the world. This leads to Pedro Pascal’s character returning to Ellie Jackson.


It’s only after Ellie wakes up The end of us Season 1 is over he asked what happened to the firemen. Since the firemen have already experimented on other people like Ellie who are immune to the virus, Joel lies about his mission to find a cure. When the duo returns to Jackson, her questions return as she asks Joel if he was telling the truth about what happened. She insists and is Ellie’s only response “Okay” such as The end of us The season 1 finale fades to black. The exchange purposefully confirms whether Ellie believes Joel’s lies.

Ellie doesn’t trust Joel at the end of Season 1


Thanks to the context clues, there’s no doubt that Ellie doesn’t trust Joel The end of us Season 1 is over. This is revealed through Ellie’s need to ask About what happened to Joel again. If he had believed her story about Firefly, he wouldn’t have asked her to tell the truth again. Ellie knows something else is going on in Salt Lake City, and she wants to admit it. Asking if he’s lying at the end The end of us Season 1 is Ellie’s last ditch effort to let him tell the truth. That’s why he just answers “Okay” from despair and hopelessness.

The show considered making Ellie’s thoughts a little more direct. Series creators Craig Mazin and Neill Druckmann revealed an extended version of the scene, which is otherwise taken almost verbatim from the game. this version of The end of usThe final scene would see Joel and Ellie start walking down the hill towards Jackson, and as they descend, the distance between them increases. This directly shows that Ellie doesn’t believe Joel’s lies and sets up their own dynamic in Season 2.

How will Joel’s lie damage his relationship with Ellie? In season 2

The end of us episode 9

Joel lying to Ellie will have a negative effect on their relationship The end of us 2 seasons take place. He feels that he can no longer fully trust her, which means that they begin to drift apart. Bella Ramsey’s character begins to push him away as she lies more and more about when it happened Joel killed the firemen. Joel and Ellie’s relationship is still in the heart The end of us In season 2, they won’t be as close as they were in season one.

As a result of Joel’s deception, Ellie finally takes it upon herself to investigate what happened. He returns to Salt Lake City and learns the truth about Joel killing the firefighters. This makes Ellie push Joel more and creates more distance in their relationship. Ultimately, this puts their relationship in a bad place and leads Ellie to announce that she will no longer be in a relationship with him because of what he did. The end of us Much of this story can be explored before Abby arrives in Season 2.