DCU Flash Ezra Miller’s rumored Arrowverse Grant Gustin Flash movie cameo. Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Since 2014, The CW’s Flash was one of the greatest DC TV shows of all time. After his two-episode arc Ok, Gustin starred in his own series, one of the Arrowverse’s best shows, for nearly seven years. The spinoff series not only introduced superpowers to the franchise, but Flash The Arrowverse was instrumental in creating the idea for Crisis on Infinite Earths, the last major crossover they did in 2019.


After appearing inside Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squadand Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueEzra Miller Flash The solo film is finally happening, after years of development hell. The DCU movie will see the Flash explore the Multiverse – and rumors suggest Gustin’s Arrowverse Flash could be involved in some capacity. Gustin may make a cameo, according to theories Flash movie, next Miller’s big moment Crisis on Infinite Earths, they shared the screen together. However, with James Gunn now in charge and changing the DCU and the CW Flash As it turns out, many of the old rumors may no longer be true.

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Gustin and Miller’s flashlight made the “impossible” possible

Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin as The Flash

Grant Gustin Flash A movie cameo has been speculated for years. In the early days of the DCU and Arrowverse, many Warner Bros. the question arose whether he could connect the two worlds or not. It has finally been confirmed that the Arrowverse shows will not connect to the DCU. Since the two separate arms of DC live-action became separate franchises, many thought it was impossible due to “confusing” continuity or different tones. No one thought The Arrowverse and the DCU would have a connection with each other, be it people in the industry or the fandom. Many decided that it would never be possible. But Crisis on Infinite Earths changed everything.

Warner Bros. Miller’s reached out to the Arrowverse team for the Flash’s cameo appearance Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Miller and Gustin’s Flash reunion was a huge hit for Arrowverse and DCU audiences alike. Although it was a short scene, their exchange was historic because their characters were “impossible”. This marked the first time that the Arrowverse would feature a character from the DCU appears in the CW universe. Except for all DC cameras Crisis on Infinite Earths, Miller’s scene with Gustin’s Flash is still the most talked about surprise. Their moments broke down the barrier between the DCU and DC TV, allowing for multiple crossovers, especially Grant Gustin. Flash movie cameo.

Gustin and Miller’s in-universe reunion helped ease fan base rifts


The appearance of Miller’s Flash Crisis on Infinite Earths also helped quell a long-running online debate. When Miller’s casting happened a week later Flashes When it premiered in 2014, it received overwhelmingly negative reception, with fans criticizing Warner Bros. felt the character was stealing the thunder from its DC TV counterpart. However, over the years there has been a ridiculous online feud between the respective fandoms Gustin and Miller’s respective versions of The Flash. There has been some debate online that Gustin should have been cast in Barry instead of Miller. Grant Gustin Flash a movie cameo could bring him back.

On the other hand, there have been those who have argued that casting Miller solved the problems with The CW’s iteration. Several fans felt that Gustin was too good to appear in The Flash, or that the Arrowverse iteration didn’t deserve the big screen. Fans tried to pit Miller and Gustin’s Flashes against each other in a negative, toxic way, while the actors only supported each other. Not only did it their moment of crisis on Infinite Earths allows the online feud to end, but it also set a precedent for Grant Gustin’s DCU cameo. Flash movie.

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Gustin’s Flash is the most logical DC multiverse character for a cameo in The Flash

Grant Gustin Flash DCEU Flash concept art

Flash The film has already gathered a huge cast, especially for the DC Multiverse. Ben Affleck’s Batman returns and the film also reintroduces Michael Keaton’s Batman as part of the film’s Multiverse storyline. since Flash the film does indeed feature several live-action DC continuity characters, Grant Gustin Flash movie cameo is the most logical DC Multiverse crossover. For decades, exploring the Multiverse has been a part of the Flash’s DNA, whether in the comics, other media adaptations, or the ongoing TV show.

One The Flash’s most popular stories available in comics A flash of two worlds, where Jay Garrick and Barry are together for the first time. Many may be wondering what the point of Gustin’s Flash showing up in the film, even though they’ve already done so in the Arrowverse, even for a cameo – but it’s the DCU’s debut of Supergirl and how big is it to see the return of an alternate Batman , the appearance of the Multiverse Flash in the DCU makes a lot more sense than the girl of steel and the dark knight. It would be nice if it was an addition to Barry from another Earth.

If Gustin is indeed doing a cameo Flash movie, it remains to be seen how it actually looks. It can be Crisis on Infinite Earths moment Revisited from Miller’s Barry Allen perspective. Time will tell, though, if Gustin reunites with Miller Flash movie, which will not only have a huge impact on the DC live-action multiplayer, but will also fit into the cinematic adventures of the Scarlet Speedster. One thing is for sure – since the two versatile characters have already met once, it would be strange if Grant Gustin did not appear.

Grant Gustin has not confirmed a Flash movie cameo

Flash film of different colors.

There is no confirmation that Grant is Gustin Flash movie cameo at all. With James Gunn taking over the DCU, he completely shook up the future slate with him, and very little of the former DCEU looks like it’s moving forward outside of the TV shows. Amanda Waller and the Peacemaker.

With Flash Ending on The CW and Ezra Miller Flash the film is probably the last installment in the former film universe, with no charge for Gustin’s appearance other than to please the fans. Also, it doesn’t make sense from what is seen Flash movie story. Grant Gustin appeared Flash would certainly be an interesting moment, but since the rumors have not been confirmed, there is no concrete reason to expect Arrowverse Barry Allen to appear in the DCU.

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