Hayden Panettiere, who reprises his role as Kirby in Scream VI, talks about why the horror franchise was the perfect way to return to acting.

Hayden Panettiere, who reprises his role as Kirby Scream VI, opens up about why a horror franchise is the perfect way to get back into acting. The sixth part Scream the franchise should follow the characters created in 2022 Scream they are once again attacked by Ghostface’s killer. Panettiere will return to his original role as Kirby Scream 4. The actor is also known for his roles Heroes and Nashvillemoved away from acting in the years after the last series ended; Scream VI his first role since 2018.

When talking to ETPanettiere talks about her reasons for coming back Scream VI After a break from acting to think about personal care. In particular, the actor reveals why the sequel was the perfect film for his comeback. check out Panettiere’s comments about him Scream VI Back to below:

“I didn’t just do it for myself, I did it a lot (for the fans). I took a vacation and I didn’t know what I was going to do when I came back and I didn’t know what the first project was going to be. It happened and I was like, ‘Sure.’ I cried. And the fans have been so loyal, so amazing… I love coming back.

“I’ve been there before and it was a family experience. It was an experience with Wes (Craven), David (Arquette), Courteney and Neve (Campbell). I mean, the whole team that we had, with the whole cast. We had it, it was a lot of fun.”

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How Panettiere’s Kirby Returned in Scream 6

Scream 4 Kirby phone

Panettiere’s Kirby made one appearance Scream 2011 franchise Scream 4. Kirby was a friend of Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts), who was eventually revealed to be the killer who foiled her plan to gain fame. during the events Scream 4Kirby is stabbed and Left for dead by Ghostface, most are left to assume he is dead. However, this was ultimately proven to be untrue when Kirby returned for more.

2022 year Scream He got a small glimpse that Kirby was still alive. A video interview with Kirby can be seen in the scene where Jack Quaid’s Richie is watching YouTube. While many saw this as a quick easter egg, the creative team set the stage for its potential return. Panettiere was also eager to return, willing to commit to acting, and ready to ask the producers herself to come back. Scream VI.

What many will remember Kirby for was his sharp nature, often outspoken when necessary. Panettiere assured Kirby that he would retain those attributes, adding that he had a brush with death. Scream 4 help inform his character years later. Although Kirby may return as another potential victim, rumors hint that it could be Ghostface, while its recurrence has more ominous connotations. Kirby’s Return Scream VI can be seen when the film debuts on March 10.

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