Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Season 4, Episode 9!

Succession Season 4, Episode 9 is out now, and Roman Roy’s actions in the final scene of the episode left some viewers scratching their heads. Roman has always been the wild card of the Roy family, but his choice is at the end Succession‘s latest episode is wildly different from anything he’s done before. However, Roman Roy’s decision at the end of the episode is actually pretty consistent with his decision Succession character arc.


Succession Finally, there’s only one episode left in HBO’s beloved comedy-drama. Succession Season 4 is already packed with all kinds of storylines, twists and reveals, including Death of Logan Roy. The last half of season 4 was mostly self-centered SuccessionA tense presidential election with a controversial move to announce the election for ATN Jerryd Menken. Succession Season 4, Episode 8. Episode 9 now takes place against the backdrop of political turmoil as the Roys gather for Logan Roy’s funeral.

The novel’s Inheritance Season 4, Episode 9 Finale wraps up her arc

Succession Novel

Succession Season 4 spent a lot of time developing Roman Roy, and the season 4 finale, episode 9, wraps up his arc. At the end of the episode, Roman leaves the post-funeral party and walks alone through the crowded streets of New York City. He jumps over a police barricade and rushes into a group of protesters, verbally and physically harassing them. Roman is hit and pushed to the ground, but he does not stop, almost softening him.

Roman Roy’s actions at the end Succession Season 4, Episode 9 shows how Logan’s abuse has taken a toll on Roman. The novel cannot stand true love, it seeks conflict and pain from the protesters. It also highlights his growing political radicalization due to his support for far-right candidate Jerid Menken. Roman Roy is a really sad and troubled character, and the end of episode 9 shows how traumatized he is.

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Why did Roman’s final scene have to be the opposite of his funeral speech?

Connor, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman at Logan's funeral in Succession Season 4

the interesting part of Succession The ending of Season 4, Episode 9 is the exact opposite of Rome’s other big scene. As Logan delivers the eulogy at Roy’s funeral, Roman breaks down in tears, forcing him to leave the stage. Roman’s actions at the funeral make him seem emotional and timid, which is the complete opposite of how he is portrayed at the end of the episode.

The interrelationship between the two scenes of Chapter 9 of the novel is well emphasized Succession’s intricate balancing act portrays the Roys as characters who can be both sympathetic and terrifying. The difference between the two scenes also shows that Roman is very similar to his father, who has a great mood and can explode at a moment’s notice. Roman Roy is a complex character, that sort of thing Succession Season 4 Episode 9 is beautifully illustrated.

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