Prime Minister Callow appeared to make the ultimate sacrifice in the famous pig episode of Black Mirror. So why won’t his wife talk to him?

One Black mirrorPrime Minister Callow (Rory Kinnear) is seen enduring his personal relationship with the pig in his most famous moments, but it’s not clear why his wife left him after the incident despite his dedication. Perhaps understandably, the pig’s over-the-top pig scene in “The National Anthem” still ranks among them. Black mirrorthe boldest conceits of. Reflecting events that happen in real life, the characters of the episode are filled with a mixture of horror and disgust at the prospect. However, while these strong emotions are enough to justify a wife leaving her husband, there is something more subtle about the episode that makes it even more powerful.


Although it is difficult to imagine many situations in which a person might be forced to be intimate with a pig, Black mirror Season 1, Episode 1 does a great job of making the script as believable as possible. After a mysterious figure kidnaps a member of the royal family, Callow finds herself in a precarious position. He promises to release Callow on the condition that he interacts with the pig live on national television. Despite several proposed workarounds, Callow eventually agrees. After that, it was revealed that his personal survey rating improved – no doubt due to his dedication. However, the episode ends with the revelation that Callow’s wife ignores him.

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PM’s wife feels betrayed after ‘Black Mirror’ pig series

The Prime Minister looks worried in the black mirror

The obvious answer to Callow’s wife Jane’s refusal to speak to him is that she hates what he has done. However, a closer look reveals that it is her husband’s decision, not her own, that she goes ahead with without consulting him or considering what it means for their family. up to Black mirror episodes in the very last moments, in fact, Jane turns to her husband – tries to contact him both before and after the incident. So removing him from the decision-making process entirely is a much stronger motivator than pure hatred.

This interpretation casts a different light on Callow’s actions. Although he believed that doing what he did was the only way to save the princess, he also knew that not doing it would be politically disastrous for him. Therefore, not only did he have sex with a pig without fully discussing it with his wife, but he did it mainly to preserve his political prestige and popularity. This, in turn, shows that Callow is far from the hero of a horror story – he did what he did out of greed for empathy.

Jane’s reaction reveals another meaning of Black Mirror episode 1

Black Mirror poster

to do The Prime Minister’s decision to sleep with a pig about self-interest rather than self-sacrifice adds a whole new dimension to the National Anthem. Rather than portraying Callow as a heroic figure, his actions can be seen as a commentary on how long it takes politicians to approve. It’s safe to say that Callow is never more concerned about the fate of the queen than the poll numbers. This makes the episode even darker than before and explains why Callow’s wife doesn’t want to talk to him. After realizing what her husband has to sacrifice to be famous, she understandably feels that she can’t trust him. As a result, Black mirror Episode 1 remains one of the most versatile of the series.

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