Joja can be a villain Stardew Valley, but only a few years remained before Pierre would follow in their footsteps. Although Pierre persistently opposes Joji during the events Stardew Valley, he has more in common with the corporation than he may be willing to admit. While players have more than enough reasons to take on Joji alongside him, Pierre’s own history of less-than-ideal behavior becomes apparent as the game progresses. Sometimes there may be a thought of what if Stardew Valley set about ten years in the future, Pierre could be the villain.


There is no denying that Joja is a villain Stardew Valleygenre-defining experience. This is all laid out from the start, when the character starts the game in a miserable job in Joja, which they quit for a life on their grandfather’s farm. George’s influence on the town of Pelican is clearly negative for the small town. Joja’s focus is on profits above all else, and the newest JojaMart branch threatens local businesses, especially Pierre’s General Store. If JojaMart succeeds in turning Pelican Town into a company town, the community center will be destroyed and Junimo will disappear, symbolizing Joja’s destructive influence.

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Pierre’s ambitions in Stardew Valley can turn him into his own worst enemy

Gus and Pierre talk in the quest

Although the player is nominally on Pierre’s side when completion of the Civic Center of the village Stardew Valley, he doesn’t do much to engender sympathy for himself. When the player sells him high-quality produce, he will claim to have grown it himself, shifting the blame for any lower-quality goods back onto the farmer. Also, he runs a shop at every town festival instead of spending time with his family and neighbors, giving the impression that he prioritizes money over community membership.

Overall, Pierre seems to have little interest in anything other than profit, although Joji’s greater negative influence means he’s still the biggest evil of the two. Even with that, the biggest strike against The character of Pierre in Stardew Valley comes in the form of the Pierre’s Prime Produce quest.

For this quest, the player must grow 25 gold-quality vegetables and give them to Pierre. When Pierre gets the vegetables, he tries to sell them at an outrageously high price, much to the disdain of Gus and Caroline. The player himself even has the opportunity to comment on his greed in this scene. Pierre’s behavior in this quest paints a poor picture of him, showing that he is willing to use unethical business practices against his own neighbors for a little extra money.

Even if Pierre’s greed is not enough to push the player Stardew ValleyJoja Warehouse route, this may cause concern in the future. Pierre openly admits his desire to open many stores and get extremely rich. Combined with his existing greedy tendencies, his ambition could create another threat similar to Joja. After all, he is already ready to cheat and lie to his clients when he knows them personally and has limited resources.

With more reach and cash flow, Pierre’s negative traits may intensify, turning him into the same unholy company he had to fend off in Pelican Town. It feels like Pierre’s main problem with Joja is that they were competition, not ethical complaints.

Until Stardew ValleyThe morality of Russia is quite gray, Pierre easily comes off as one of the most questionable members of the community. Since Joja is no longer a factor in Pelican City after the completion of the Civic Center, Pierre will largely control the city’s food market. Fortunately, he was rejected from his plan at Pierre’s Prime Produce, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try another plan later. Sometime later in Stardew ValleyTimeline, Piera may eventually become indistinguishable from JojaMart.

Stardew Valley is now available for mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One.

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