Homeland and Star Wars Actor Rupert Friend has revealed why he passed up the chance to play James Bond in 2006. Royal Casino. Based on Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel of the same name. Royal Casino Marks Daniel Craig’s first appearance as the famous British spy. More than 200 actors were reportedly considered for the role before Craig was cast, including Henry Cavill and Outlander star Sam Heung. After a rigorous audition process, Craig was officially announced as the sixth actor to play James Bond in October 2005.


However, in a recent interview Diversity, Friend reveals that audiences may have been introduced to a very different and much younger Bond. According to the actor, the producers approached him at the age of 22 with a plan to restart the Bond franchise with the main character.mostly graduated from college.Saying he felt inexperienced at the time, Friend jumped at the chance for one big reason. Check out his candid comments below:

When I was 22 and had just graduated from acting college, I did three pictures in a row: “Liberty,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Mrs. Palfrey at Claremont.” And I was told, “We’d love to talk to you about playing James Bond, but rebooting the series. We’re going to get her straight out of college.’ And I met Barbara Broccoli and her brother Michael and Bond casting director Debbie McWilliams. Obviously, I’d seen them grow up and all love the actors and all the movies. Basically they said, you do a screen test and if it’s good, you’re signed up for three pictures that you don’t read and you don’t know who the director is. You’re basically shackled to it. And suddenly I’m like I was like, “I feel like at this point in my life and career, I’m too young, I don’t have the experience, I don’t have the acting skills. hard blows – emotional, psychological, physical – a great Bond must have. So I politely decline. This must have raised some eyebrows for them. Honestly, I’m glad I did. Because at that time, not only could the role have attracted me, but I felt that I was bigger than my role as an actor or even as a person. It would have consumed me and I would have lost the franchise or at the very least become the worst Bond alive. And it just wasn’t an option because I love the franchise.

Would a young James Bond have worked?

Daniel Craig as James Bond,

While Friend is to be commended for acknowledging his limitations as a younger, inexperienced actor, his comments raise an interesting question. Royal Casino Could have been with a younger actor in the role. Craig, the actor the producers finally settled on, was 38 when he first landed Bond’s Walter PPK and License to Kill.

Producer Barbara Broccoli has previously admitted that she’s looked up to young 007s in the past, but she suggested trying to visualize the idea.doesn’t work.” Instead, Broccoli insists that the hero should be a veteran.experienced wars, so to speak“. On the other hand, great interest has already been expressed in achieving a Young Bond with Tom Holland in the role and Fleming’s estate also authorized and published a series of best-selling novels focusing on a younger version of the character.

Depends on: The producers of James Bond are right: young 007 will never work

Anyway, 2006 Royal Casino It could have been a very different movie if Dude had taken the role instead of Craig. By his own admission, Dost believes he wouldn’t have had the experience and gravitas to do the role justice at that age, which Craig was very good at doing. Whether or not audiences will get a chance to see a young James Bond remains to be seen, but from all accounts the producers don’t want to pursue that option anytime soon.

Source: Diversity