Warning: Spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 2.It was busy during the month of June Fear the walking deadSeason 8 has been skipped, but the explanation behind why the PADRE soldiers collect their fingers is only subtly hinted at. Then Fear the walking dead Jumping forward seven years from Morgan and Madison’s invasion of the PADRE, very little is known about the fates of the other main characters. Aside from Morgan and Madison, only Grace appears, confirming that she is working as a PADRE collector. Fear the walking dead Season 8, episode 2, “Blue Jay” reveals that Dwight and Sherry have fallen into the same trap. And June was busy cutting the fingers of PADRE collectors.


This strange pastime raises two questions. First, if June is so hungry for revenge against the PADRE, killing the soldiers would be more effective. One of June’s victims is going to drown anyway, so going to the trouble of knocking them out and maiming them seems odd, especially with Jenna Elfman Fear the walking dead the character has a colorful history of killing bad guys. Second, even if the reasoning behind removing the fingers of PADRE collectors in June is ignored, it is very strange to keep the removed numbers in a jar at home without throwing them away like a sober person removing a normal finger.

June The gathering of fingers symbolizes her attitude towards the PADRE

Jenna Elfman

June cutting off the fingers of the PADRE soldiers and putting them in a jar is a prime example of this Fear the walking dead symbolism. This barbaric act not only speaks to his personal experience working for the PADRE during the month of June Fear the walking dead Season 8 time skip, but also to PADRE’s manipulative ethos in general. Describing her time under PADRE’s thumb, June mentions how Shrike held a gun to her head and forced her to undergo grotesque radiation experiments. PADRE has his finger on the trigger, trapping June in a life she hates.

As June escapes the screen, she cuts off the Shrike’s trigger finger before leaving. From a strategic point of view, this did not achieve anything – Shrike simply began to use artificial replacement. The original meaning of removing the fingers was to tell June that he was no longer a hostage and that the PADRE could no longer hold a gun to his head. Since June’s release, PADRE has continued to collect the trigger fingers of its members as a symbolic act of prevention. Fear the walking dead Season 8 villains to control him or anyone else ever again. Finger snapping reminds June of this important message.

Depends on: 7 THE WALKING DEAD PADRE explains the powerful new evil society of fear

June’s fear of Revenge of the Walking Dead was a bad one

Jenna Elfman

June may point out that her method of pacifying and destroying enemies can avoid accidentally killing her old friends. If June had used real bullets instead of darts, she would have shot Dwight and Sherry too Fear the walking dead Season 8, Episode 2. Alas, that excuse fails. June could knock out the PADRE collectors and then kill them after verifying their identities. He could also inflict injuries on the Collectors that would prevent them from firing their weapons again. These details confirm that June’s handiwork was always about sending a message, not stopping PADRE.

As a result, the June campaign backfired spectacularly Fear the walking dead Season 8. Towards the end of “Blue Jay”, Shrike returned. June is involved in another sick science project, Dwight and Sherry are recaptured as enemies of the PADRE, their young son is bitten by a zombie, and June loses her trigger finger. June spent the better part of seven years in the PADRE offense, only to find himself in an even worse position. If only he was more concerned about undermining PADRE’s military power than sending a symbolic message. Fear the walking dead Season 8, Episode 2 might have played out very differently.

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