Arnold Schwarzenegger said it was planned Twins continuation Three with Danny DeVito dead and he blames Jason Reitman. Schwarzenegger was the biggest action star on the planet when he made it Twins, a 1988 comedy that reunited former Mr. Universe and DeVito as unlikely brothers. Three decades later Twins Schwarzenegger has proved he can make a comedy blockbuster, with plans for a long-awaited sequel finally coming to fruition, with Tracy Morgan joining the party as the other sibling of the original stars.


Now it looks like audiences will never get to see the comedy team again SchwarzeneggerDeVito and Morgan, as Gemini 2 seems to be dead. In a new profile THR ahead of the release of his Netflix show FUBARSchwarzenegger is open about what happened Three, and takes no prisoners when it comes to pointing the finger of blame for the project’s cancellation. Check out what Schwarzenegger had to say in the space below:

Jason Reitman figured it out! Jason Reitman stopped the project completely when his father died. His father wanted to do it very hard. I wanted to do it so bad. Danny DeVito wanted to do it so bad. We had the finances. When his father died, Jason says, “I never liked the idea,” and held him back. I’m developing another film with Danny; he is very interesting and talented to work with.

The trio went through a long and difficult development

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito are twins

Confirmed reports of Schwarzenegger and DeVito reuniting Three Back in 2012, it was reported that Josh Gad and Ryan Dixon were writing the script. By 2018, Schwarzenegger had offered a major update on the project, revealing that Eddie Murphy was set to play the younger brother of the two stars of the original films. In 2021, Morgan was announced as the third lead to replace Murphy, and things continued well enough for a feature clip like this one. Three A BTS video emerges showing Schwarzenegger playing pranks on his co-star DeVito.

death of Three director Ivan Reitman 2022 was clearly a significant setback for production, but Schwarzenegger was quick to reassure the project that it would continue with a new director, telling the crowd at the event that the film would shoot in October 2022. Reitman’s writer-director son seems to have scrapped the idea altogether. Gemini 2s ten-year development process.

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It remains to be seen whether Schwarzenegger will somehow be revived Three Despite young Reitman’s misgivings about the idea, at least he seems to be developing something new with his future. Three co-author DeVito kept the possibility of a long-awaited meeting between the two favorite actors. Unfortunately, the audience never gets to see how ridiculous the original was Twins team and the ever-cheerful Morgan had it in store for them Three.

Source: THR