When a project goes into development, there is no way to tell if it will actually be released, which allows for more certainty when production happens. But it is rare to find a studio with a complete finished product, because it prefers to keep it in the refrigerator. If Disney produced an anime series featuring Aliens vs Predators rematch, why didn’t the studio share the controversy with the fans? According to IGNone of the producers behind the show, Joshua Izzosaid that the product is ready to use, but for unknown reasons, the media conglomerate is keeping it for themselves:

Right now at Disney, sitting in Studio 20, the fully completed Alien vs. The Predator anime series has 10 episodes. Done. It’s in a jar. It is mixed; finished It’s produced and narrated by two incredibly crazy talented guys, Eric Calderon and Dave Baker.

Izzo previously served as an executive at Fox Acquired by Disney, so his claim to produce the series is entirely legitimate. Izzo also explained how he originally came up with the idea Dave Bixler, the head of home entertainment at the studio, hopes to see the series released on direct-to-demand options. turn back time Alien: Covenant was in the early stages of development, meaning the future of the franchise was still uncertain. Even if that movie was made and released, the anime series didn’t have the same fortune.


To receive covenant may have influenced the decision not to release Aliens vs Predators TV series, movie box office disappointment how given. In addition, the comment received by the last part franchise criticized the overly complicated script and the performances presented by the actors. Since the film was neither a financial success nor critically acclaimed, the franchise will not be moving forward for the time being, nor will it be entering a three-year period where a new release will be made. about A foreignerthe future of not shared.

Aliens vs. Predator Movie: Requiem
Image via 20th Century Fox

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What awaits the world A foreigner?

Even if Aliens vs Predators anime show will never be released to the public, viewers can expect many stories set in the created world Ridley Scott more than forty years ago. TV series developed by Noah Hawley on the way, is said to happen on Earth in the near future. This means it may be the first non-Ripley related story (Sigourney Weaver). Separately directed feature film Fede Alvarez is currently filming, which promises more gruesome action from the claws of the hideous xenomorphs. The future of the franchise looks bright. No release date has been set for Noah Hawley’s upcoming film A foreigner TV series.