It’s hard to call anyone breaking Bad A hero of the universe, as almost every hero is a criminal, but every project proved that Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) is a real hero. Jesse was introduced in the show’s first episode and quickly teamed up with his old science teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), and together they made millions. However, Jesse was more a victim of circumstance than anything else, and at that breaking Bad characters with a good moral compass still being cartel members or clearing murder scenes for drugs, Jesse was the series’ beacon of hope.


Jesse has come a long way since he originally had to killed in breaking Bad Season 1. Gilligan said that Jesse was simply meant to be Walter’s gateway into the underworld and that he should be killed at the end of the first season. However, he is not only one of the few survivors breaking Badlet it be of a heavy nature Breaking Bad’s the extended universe too. Paul reprized the role of Jesse in two episodes Better call Saul final season as well El Caminothen after the sign Breaking Bad’s series finale and every appearance proves that he is a true hero of the franchise.

Breaking Bad, El Camino, and Better Call Saul confirmed that Jesse is a true hero

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Jesse was ready to defeat Walter no matter what, but after Walter caused Jesse to be captured by neo-Nazis and live in a hole, he still wasn’t ready to stoop to Walt’s level and kill him. . After Walter kills Jack Welker, Jesse quickly walks in El Camino. And yet Jessie’s cameos Better call Saul last episodes in short, he is portrayed as an honest boy who gets involved with the wrong people, as he sympathizes with Saul and Kim. But more importantly, he is much better portrayed than Walter in these scenes.

Although it is easy to believe El Camino was unnecessary because it literally ended the same way breaking Bad As Jesse drives off into the sunset, the film establishes him as a true hero and gives him the ending he deserves. Jesse confesses to Brock in his letter about what happened to his mother and he no longer has to look over his shoulder. He is also looked after by Alburquerque’s low-level criminal network, including junkyard owner Old Joe. Although its ending is uncertain Breaking Bad, El Camino Gilligan does what he always does very well: wrapping up his story neatly without any loose ends.

Breaking Bad and its sequels had the right to confirm Jesse as the ultimate hero

Aaron Paul as Jesse in Breaking Bad El Camino

Jesse might have declared himself Cap’n Cook, but he didn’t deserve two years of suffering. The hero proved many times how polite he is and even tried to hang up the apron. breaking Bad Season 1, but it was Walter who made her go on. Although Jesse was held captive by Jack, he was eventually held captive by Heisenberg for much longer, during which time he was forced to kill and even risk his own life. Jesse clearly regrets his mistakes, and while Walt and Saul claim they do, they, unlike Jesse, have never learned from them.