Nicholas Hoult is rumored to play either Superman or Lex Luthor Superman: Legacy, but one character is well suited to his talents. Under the newly formed DC Studios, Superman: Legacy It will be the DCU’s inaugural film, which hits theaters on July 11, 2025, and DC Studios CEO James Gunn will write and direct the film. Casting for the film is underway, with many names vying for the role of Superman.


Nicholas Hoult is reportedly among those being considered to portray Superman, but rumors of his involvement Superman: Legacy Unusually complicated, Hoult is also rumored to play Lex Luthor in the film. With Superman: Legacyincluding David Korensvet, along with Tom Brittney and Andrew Richardson Hoult, the latter’s inclusion in the project is the most open to speculation and theory. However, Hoult’s previous work and some other factors make him the best fit to play Lex Luthor. Superman: Legacy.

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Nicholas Hoult’s best roles are Lex LuthorNicholas Hoult as Nux in Mad Max Fury Road (2015)

Although Hoult made a strong impression as Dr. Hank McCoy, aka Beast X-Men in the prequel series, which also saw his career play outside of the traditional heroic box. In roles like Zombie R Warm bodies and its performances Menu and Beloved, Hoult showed just how much range he has as an actor, and how much he excels outside of straight-up heroics. Hoult’s portrayal of Nux, the War Boy Mad Max: Fury Road It probably showcases it better than any of his performances.

Despite the start The road to anger in alliance with the evil immortal Joe (Hugh Keyes-Byrne), Nux switches sides to join forces with Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron), sacrificing herself at the film’s climax. Nux’s layered story arc is one of those great character stories The road to anger and in it Hoult shows his ability to play a complex antagonist. Hoult’s past performances in general, and Nux in particular, are where he shines the most Superman: Legacy.

Why Nicholas Hoult Should Play Lex Luthor in Superman: LegacyNicholas Hoult in Renfield looks distraught

Hoult is rumored to play both Superman and Lex Luthor Superman: Legacy, the latter more emphasized by his strengths as an actor. What’s surprising is his role as the superhero Beast in the film X-Men franchise makes a particularly strong case for Hoult as Lex, with both characters’ shared scientific genius. Although known in the modern age as a sinister billionaire, Lex Luthor began his comic book history as an evil scientist, a trait that is still present in his modern-day machinations against Superman. Hoult’s magnetism as a scientific genius like Hank McCoy translates well to a villainous turn on the same idea in Lex.

Hoult’s take on Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves Batman also does a similar thing to him as Lex Luthor; both he and Bruce Wayne are characters with a chip on their shoulder who manage in very different ways. Many of Hoult’s best performances are as characters (most recently as Dracula’s titular sidekick) who show the internal struggle between good and evil. Renfield), where Hoult can really stand out Superman: Legacy. This may be especially true how different Superman: Legacycould be Lex LuthorApex Lex Luthor is his potential base.

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Superman or Lex Luthor: Who Can Nicholas Hoult Play?

Superman and Nicholas Hoult

Of course, whether Hoult will portray Superman or Lex Luthor is James Gunn’s call, and there’s currently no confirmation as to which role the actor is more likely to take. However, other rumors that Bradley Cooper has applied for Lex may indicate that Hoult’s Gunn is not in the age range he wants for Lex Luthor. Instead, he seems to fit in better with the other actors mentioned as Clark Kent’s shortlist.

With other names floating around to play the Man of Steel, with Hoult rumored for both Superman and Lex, the information may just be mixed up. comprehensive casting process for Superman: Legacy. That said, the fact that Hoult has been rumored for both roles makes it more likely that he will be involved Superman: Legacy one way or another, especially strong.

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