Better call Saul Season 6, Episode 9 includes a touching tribute to a mystery woman, but who exactly is Julia Clark Downs and what is her connection to the show? Although the hit show is highly fictionalized by aspects of the New Mexico underworld, that’s part of it Better call Saul its commitment to realism is so compelling. Such a distinct atmosphere could not be achieved without the presence of real people like Clark Downs.

In many ways, both Better call Saul and before that, breaking Bad, tell larger-than-life tales of criminal enterprise and drug trafficking. However, during both series – esp Better call Saul – the feeling that the fictional characters appearing on the screen are not far from reality. In particular, the titular character of Saul Goodman’s daughter, Jimmy McGill, feels like a true representation of the unscrupulous lawyer needed to help the top of the drug trade. The creation of such an attractive character is not accidental. Actually, a lot Better call Saul‘s authenticity is due to the involvement of people like Julia Clarke Downs.

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Who is Julia Clarke Downs?

Courtesy of Julia Clarke Downs

Julia Clarke Downs is a real-life Alberquerque attorney who is a consultant on the show, guiding her actions and decisions. Better call Saullawyers of as clear as possible. Having practiced law both independently and as part of the district attorney’s office, Clark Downs could offer a unique insight into the machinations of the New Mexico justice system. Although his full contribution is unknown, it is clear that he played an important role in the creation of his experience Better call Saul‘s legal scenes are as clear and expressive as possible. Tragically, Clark Downes was killed in a car crash, explaining the title card used in it Better call Saul Season 6.

Julia Clarke Downs helped call Saul great

Kim from Better Call Saul is horrified as Jimmy, who is sitting next to him, looks at him.

Writing any prequel, especially for a favorite show breaking Bad, is never easy. Beyond telling a compelling story, the real point of difference can be found in the details. Building a believable and compelling world requires more than explosive parts—it’s about creating settings and characters that feel like they could actually exist, particularly in a grounded environment. breaking Bad/Better call Saul universe. This is where the expertise of people like Julia Clark Downs is indispensable.

Consult with those who are entrenched in the New Mexico legal system Better call Saul important inside information, making it more in-depth and informative. Given that the show primarily revolves around legal settings, this approach is absolutely necessary. If it weren’t for the ability to pick the brain of a true expert like Julia Clarke Downes, maybe Better call Saul felt much deeper and suffered as a result. In many ways, the details provided by Clark Downs and his ilk Better call Saul legal drama very attractive to watch.

Clarity consultants like Julia Clarke Downs were crucial

Walter and Jesse are cooking meth in Breaking Bad

Julia Clarke Downs Better call Saul The role was aided by several other precision advisers, most notably DEA agents Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who actually taught me how to make meth from scratch. in a 2012 interview breaking Bad (via High times), Cranston revealed that the DEA “They saw that it might be in their best interest to make sure we did it right. So DEA chemists came on board as consultants and taught Aaron Paul and me how to make crystal meth.” Although Paul and Cranston did not synthesize meth with the DEA, the agents taught them step-by-step how to do it properly.

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Julia Clark is another colleague of Downs breaking Bad scientific advisor is Donna Nelson, professor of organic chemistry at the University of Oklahoma. Nelson was one of the show’s first consultants, and he even had to translate an old German patent to satisfy Vince Gilligan’s vision of accurately portraying the science behind the drama. Along with the DEA, Nelson was very important How Cranston and Paul Learned to Cook Meth. If it weren’t for mentors like Julia Clark Downs and Donna Nelson, there’s no doubt about it. breaking Bad and Better call Saul It will not be as iconic and beloved as it is today.

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