Riri Williams is a promising new addition to the MCU’s roster of characters, making her first appearance Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and went on to star in his own Disney+ show, Iron heart. Riri is a teenage genius who creates vibranium detection technology and in the process unwittingly attracts the attention of Wakanda and the MCU’s new underwater nation of Talokan. It’s easy to compare the two armored heroes to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark aka Iron Man as a promising MCU hero, but Dominic Thorne’s Riri Williams could bring an extra edge to the MCU.


Since Ironheart is a legacy character based on Iron Man, Riri Williams and Tony Stark share a lot of similarities, especially in their use of advanced armor suits. However, Ironheart’s mantle is completely different, so Ironheart cannot simply be called a female Iron Man. Riri is inspired by and respects Stark, but she is not a replacement.

Ironheart’s origin and story in Marvel Comics

Iron Heart in Marvel Comics

Riri was born to Ronnie and Riri Williams Sr. after the untimely death of her father. Riri’s immense intelligence was evident at a young age, although this combined with her introverted nature made her a recluse and human interaction to work on inventions to help superheroes do their jobs. avoids the secret. Like many of the characters, Riri’s life is struck by tragedy again, as a drive-by shooting leaves her stepfather and sister with collateral damage, which is the catalyst for Williams to decide to make her own costume. . Reverse engineering from Iron Man technology, which is where the “female Iron Man” comes from.

Although this armor was unsuccessful, it attracted the attention of Tony Stark, who became a mentor for the young hero, similar to his relationship with Stark. Spider-Man in the MCU. As a result, Riri fought in a Marvel Comics event led by Captain Marvel Second Civil War. With Stark in a coma, Riri takes on her superheroic responsibilities as Ironheart, determined to do right by both her mentor and the world – aided by the AI ​​Stark to help her along the way. By referring to Ironheart as a female Iron Man, it sums up Riri’s origin, simplifying how Ironheart represents the evolution of the Stark legacy.

Ironheart’s powers in Marvel Comics

Iron heart

Ironheart’s armor in Marvel Comics has gone through three editions – in the same way that the comics and MCU versions of Iron Man’s suits regularly receive various updates. Riri Williams Armor Suits Although there are significantly fewer suits of armor compared to the large collection created and worn by Iron Man, the evolution of Riri Williams’ suits will be faster as her technology is based on the armor tested by Iron Man himself. based on That said, just like Tony, Ironheart’s first suit was more fun than practical.

The MK1 Ironheart armor is a reverse engineered Iron Man suit that is not only larger and less refined, but also significantly less powerful, effectively acting as a metal wall and allowing Riri to take more hits and land heavier hits will give. Like Stark, the failed MK1 allowed viewers to see that Riri didn’t start out as a perfect character – a trait she exudes. Ironheart’s debut Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Ironheart’s MK2 and MK3 armor can take damage from both physical attacks and various energy beams, and are equipped with recoil blasts and grenades. The Mark 3 even has micro shot precision missiles and more non-lethal capabilities.

Dominic Thorne is Iron Heart in the MCU

Dominic Thorne as Iron Heart of MCU

He became famous for his role as Dominic Thorne If Beale Street could talk, offers a harrowing and honest look at police corruption and racism in the 1970s through the false imprisonment of Fonnie Hunt. Regina King won an Oscar for her role in the film, but Thorne’s performance as Fonnie’s sister is also interesting and gives insight into her acting skills. Dominic Thorne also appeared in 2021 Judas and Kara Christwhich includes the story of the FBI’s attempt to kill Fred Hampton (Black panther Daniel Kaluuya), chairman of the Illinois Black Panther Party.

As he said in an interview (via A Cornell study), Thorne originally studied Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University, majored in Human Development, minored in Inequality Studies—he played the hyper-intelligent Riri Williams he almost certainly uses it when he plays. After the debut Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverThorne was assigned to lead his solo MCU series Iron heartthis will be released as part of phase 5.

How MCU Ironheart is different

RiRi Williams in Ironheart MCU Mark II Armor Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Iron heart Black Panther: Wakanda Forever debut took place after the death of Iron Man Avengers: Endgame, Despite being mentored by Stark in the Marvel comics, Riri is an established character who is taught both technological assistance and the life of a superhero. However, the fact that Stark is dead in the MCU gives Riri Williams an opportunity to avoid the negative consequences of being known as just a female Iron Man, her story is not tied to Stark’s existence, but based on his legacy. This allows the MCU to retain the essence of what makes Ironheart so great in the comics, while still telling a new and valuable superhero story to represent young people.

Ironheart is mentored by Shuri instead of Tony Stark Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverT’Challa’s own sister MCU’s new Black Panther. Aside from his mentor, another major difference between Ironheart in Marvel Comics and the MCU is that his Mark II armor is made of Wakandan vibranium. While Marvel Comics’ Riri made her second armor specifically to carry on Tony’s legacy, in the MCU Riri’s Mark II armor is a necessity in Wakanda’s fight against Namor.

The fact that Ironheart’s Mark II armor is visually different from any cinematic Iron Man suit reflects how the MCU’s Ironheart differs from his Marvel Comics counterpart. Since the MCU’s Riri Williams has ties to Wakanda, it may be even more closely tied to it. Black panther the franchise moves forward. Shuri and Riri’s partnership is somewhat comparable to that of Stark and Steve Rogers. Captain America: Civil war. Either way, the MCU will feature more than just Riri Williams Iron heartbut also within potential Gun wars and step 6 Avengers: Age of Ultron and Avengers: Secret Wars.

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