The end of The Last of Us Episode 6 sets up a major plot point and flash forward through a mysterious group attacking Joel and Ellie.

Caution! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Episode 6 and the original game.The end of us The end of episode 6 provided some important hints for the future of the show via the group attacking Joel and Ellie. A lot The end of us Episode 6 revolves around Joel’s reunion with his brother Tommy, as he and Ellie found Tommy’s community of Jackson, Wyoming. Through this, the episode explored Joel and Ellie’s relationship, as well as elements of Joel and Tommy’s troubled past.

The final sequence The end of us Episode 6, however, saw Joel and Ellie travel to Eastern Colorado University. Tommy tells Joel that there is a firefighter base at the university, and Joel and Ellie will go there to find the group and get treatment from them. Ellie’s immunity The end of us. Arriving at the university though, Joel and Ellie find it abandoned by the fire department, when a mysterious, aggressive group of men find the duo and attack them.

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A group of cannibals attacked Joel and Ellie

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 6 Joel Ellie Abandoned Building

Caution! The following sections contain spoilers for the original The Last of Us game.These people are a dangerous group of cannibals that greatly influence their story The end of usMake sure it’s highlighted in section 7 The end of us Episode 6 does not reveal this information, the story of the original The end of us The game clearly shows who these people are. In the game, Joel and Ellie are attacked by a group of men, just like at university The end of us Part 6. The attack also leaves Joel injured, with the show taking a slightly different tack by showing Joel being stabbed as opposed to falling from a height. The end of us game.

After Joel is injured, Ellie takes him to safety and begins to search for a way to heal him. This brings Ellie into contact with the group members who attacked them at the university, unbeknownst to Ellie at first. It’s like HBO The end of us this leaves the sequence relatively unchanged, while the end of episode 6 introduces the group as the beginning of a plot point that will carry the story. The end of us Part 7.

Who leads the cannibals and why are they important in TLOU

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Even more important than the henchmen who attack Joel and Ellie, however, is their leader, David. our last’ general story. David is one of two people Ellie encounters in the game, and Ellie offers medicine to save Joel in exchange for a deer captured during a hunt. Likewise Sam and Henry The end of us Episode 5, David is crucial to Joel and Ellie’s character development.

David tries to recruit Ellie into his group after they declare themselves to be cannibals. When Ellie refuses, David captures her and plans to kill her and eat her along with her entire team. This prompts Joel to try to save her, but Ellie finds David already killed. Distraught and traumatized by David’s actions, Ellie collapses in Joel’s arms, at which point Joel accepts Ellie as his surrogate daughter. This is one of the most important scenes The end of usand it all stems from David, who leads a group of cannibals in episode 6.

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