Although Molly game The charming true story of Molly Bloom, Player X is an interesting character with surprising real-life inspiration. Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut tells the true story of Molly Bloom, who organized a multi-million dollar underground poker game with many celebrities at her table. Player X (Michael Cera) is based on one of those actors. Player X’s identity has not been released molly game, Molly Bloom’s book names several Hollywood stars who could play Michael Cera.


Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are just a few of the A-list names who have played Molly Bloom’s poker games. However, most of the rumors point to Tobey Maguire being the X player. Although this is entirely speculative, if it is true, then so be it Molly game does not paint the Spiderman A star in a flattering light. Sera’s character is mostly seen as the film’s villain, who delights in destroying her opponents at the card table and taking Molly’s game away from her. However, Maguire is far from the only possible X player. Here’s an actor that Player X can be based on, and how true to life? Molly game is considered

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Molly’s Game: Tobey Maguire is probably the real-life Gamer X

Tobey Maguire in Pawn Sacrifice

Although unconfirmed, speculation that Tobey Maguire is an X player is not unreasonable. Maguire’s name appears frequently in Bloom’s memoirs, but not always positively. He was an avid gambler and initially introduced many new players to the table run by Molly’s former boss, in the film Dean Keith, a real estate agent, hires him as an assistant in his office and poker game. The Molly game the movie also implies that player X has a lot of power and packs a heavy punch. Also, when Molly (Jessica Chastain) Takes over the game, his consent is needed to successfully carry out the coup. In Molly game in his book he claims that Maguire was integral in setting up his table and even lent him his personal card shuffling machine to speed up the hands.

This detail is not included molly game, Nor was it true that Maguire asked him to bark like a seal to get a $1,000 chip. However, it reveals that Player X stole Molly’s game, which the real Molly blames Maguire. On the page, Bloom said that the actor was starting to feel bad about making $3,000 on his first night. So he told his famous friends to play their games. In Aaron Sorkin movie, steals Player X’s game after Molly calls him out for triggering another player at his table. “you are so crazy“He tells her over the phone as he heads to the empty hotel room where he’s supposed to play his weekly game.

Molly’s Game: Other Movie Stars Associated with Molly Bloom

Ben Affleck Go back

Aaron Sorkin says Molly gamePlayer X is not based on one actor. Michael Cera’s character is an amalgamation of several famous people mentioned by Bloom. It’s not known which celebrities Sorkin recruited for Player X, but other big stars who frequent Molly’s poker games include Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, the Olsen Twins and Macaulay Culkin.

In addition to actors, Molly’s games were sometimes attended by professional athletes and other wealthy socialites. However, another nod to the fact that Player X is Tobey is seen; One of Molly’s insults to player X is calling her “green screen sh*t” can be nodded Maguire’s Spider-Man movies with frequent use of green screen. Player X’s alleged actor has yet to comment publicly Molly game.

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How true is Molly’s play to the book?

Molly looks at the poker game in Molly's Game

Molly game Molly Bloom makes many changes to her novel except for Player X. The main difference is Molly’s lawyer, Charlie Jaffe. Jeffy is a fictional character created specifically for the film by Aaron Sorkin. He felt that portraying another real person in the film would be too restrictive for the story. However, his real attorney (Jim Walden) actually bailed on $250,000 that he didn’t own. The cast of Idris Elba in the film makes up for the ambiguities in the role of Jeffy. Another aspect that changed in the story was the Cobra Lounge. The real poker games took place in the Viper Room, which was part club Owned by Johnny DeppLocated on the sunset line.

Some of the most disturbing stories Molly game, even actor X Player’s behavior is right by the book in Aaron Sorkin’s film. According to the film, Molly Bloom recounts in her book how Maguire called her. “lost the game.” Also, how he started playing poker and the resulting addiction was real. After being caught by the FBI, Molly’s mother built her house in earnest to pay for her daughter’s legal battles.

In 2014, Molly Bloom was convicted of gambling and sentenced to one year of probation and 200 hours of community service (through The Hollywood Reporter). with celebrities like Matt Damon and Ben AffleckThe financial stakes of poker are no surprise Molly game It was amazing – just like in real life, if Bloom’s memories are to be believed. The most Molly has ever seen anyone lose was $100 million, which was paid in full the next day.

How Aaron Sorkin Brought X-Player to Life

Player X sits at a poker table with two other Molly's Game players

Molly Bloom keeps Player X’s true identity a secret. Although the idea that Tobey Maguire is an X player is rare, there is no factual basis for this. It’s clear that writer-director Aaron Sorkin wasn’t looking at just one individual when creating Player X, but an entire culture of poker players. the true story of Social network Different from Sorkin’s screenplay—he added details, embellished, and integrated in the creation of Player X. molly game, and its process is very interesting.

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According to Sorkin (through Script Mag), with their fortunes in these high roles were not in these games just for the money. He explains”Of course, they liked to leave with more money in their pockets than to come home, but what they liked most was beating other people..” Sorkin is referring to the X player’s line – “I don’t like to hit others, I like to destroy life” – including this disturbing hobby.

While the large sums of money in the game impressed many viewers, for the players it was all about the game itself, and their passion sometimes led to sociopathic behavior. It’s this trait that Sorkin brings to the fore in the creation of The X Player. Even Michael Cera’s character Molly game represents a single persona in the narrative, Player X’s personality does not seem to be based on a single actor or celebrity.

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