During the filming of the film, Jennifer Lopez endured the cold Mother in a snowy landscape. A new movie released on Netflix the day before Mother’s Day explores the lengths a mother will go to protect her child. The film takes place in a fictional Alaskan wilderness town called Tlingit Bay.

Most of the film takes place in a snow-covered desert where Lopez’s character hides with her daughter Zoe from people who want to kill them. Mother hunts animals and guards her cabin, protecting herself and Zoe from enemies. Although the location of the film matches the area depicted in the film, Mother not actually shot in Alaska. However, it was actually filmed in frozen locations.

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7 The Alaskan wilderness was shot in Smithers, British Columbia

Jennifer Lopez

Most of the film was actually shot in Smithers, British Columbia. Unfortunately, the exact location of the cabin that Lopez’s character lives in is unknown, but it is known to be located in Smithers, in the Bulkley Valley. Some important scenes were shot here, such as the part of the movie where the mother is looking for food.

6 Ona filmed the bridge scene at Darrell Bay Ferry Terminal, Squamish, British Columbia

Jennifer Lopez in the winter cold

There is one scene in the film that takes place on a dock in a fictional Alaskan neighborhood. The actual location of the dock is the Darrell Bay Ferry Terminal in Squamish, British Columbia. Filming in Squamish allowed the film to showcase the beautiful scenery of the local area, as Stawamus Headland can be seen in the background of some shots.

5 The Snow Mobile scene was filmed around British Columbia

Jennifer Lopez

Mother has a long, action-packed ending Here, López’s character fights his enemies on snowmobiles across the snowy mountains. The scene is very intense as the mother has to drive the snowmobile and shoot at the men who are chasing after her. This scene was shot on location in British Columbia. The Opal Mine near McDonell Lake Road was a shooting range, as was Microwave Ridge and the like Prairie on top of Hudson Bay Mt.

4 Filmed at Victory Square in Cincinnati Park


Much of the film takes place in the snow, but not all scenes require freezing temperatures. One such scene is when Zoe is kidnapped by enemies of Lopez’s character. Lopez tries his best to fire at the men who are kidnapping his daughter, but they get away with it. This scene takes place in a park in Cincinnati, Ohio, but was actually filmed in a park in British Columbia called Victory Square. Not far from the park, Mother also filmed in a parking lot called EasyPark Lot. Here, the titular character breaks into a truck from below and escapes from the villains.

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3 Used as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spanish Havana

Mother J Lo is on Netflix

When it came time to shoot the scenes where Lopez’s character goes to Havana, the film crew took the production to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands. Most of the Havana scenes were filmed in a neighborhood called San Juan. There is a car chase scene Mother It’s meant to look like the Malecon, but the scene really takes place on Marina Street. In a chase scene, the characters end up at a wedding when they hit a Tarantula with their car. This particular sequence was filmed outside the Cathedral of Santa Ana.

2 Ona shot at the building of the Literature Cabinet

mother Jennifer Lopez

In a flashback scene where Lopez’s character explains to Cruise how she got along with Alvarez and Lovell, she talks to Lovell on a balcony and then dances with him in the streets. The scene was filmed in the building of the Cabinet of Literature in Gran Canaria.

1 Various other places


Some other places Mother The Big 3 gas station on Seabird Island, the Mission Bridge on the Fraser River, and the Wheelz restaurant in Dewdney, where Lopez’s character stopped for lunch with Zoe. All of these are located in British Columbia. Another scene where Lopez’s character is watching Zoe was shot in Victory Square. As for the final scene in the film, in which the main character says goodbye to Zoe and meets her adoptive mother, it was filmed at the Church of the Angels in Pasadena, California.