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High school always seems like an eternity, but what if it was? Maddie Nears discovers that she is in the afterlife when she suddenly finds herself walking the halls of her high school but out of sight of her friends and classmates. Although his peers ignore his presence among the ghosts, he discovers that some students at Split River High School can see and hear him – only one is a closeted gay student from the 1990s, and another from 1984. high school student and yet another 70s flower child. The halls of his high school seem to be haunted by dead students from the past – and now he is one of them. But unlike her new poltergeist peers, Maddie can’t remember how she died, and she won’t rest in her grave until she uncovers her killer.


What happened to Maddie Nears? Find out when you learn where to watch school spirits, a new teen drama with great humor. Based on the graphic novel by Maria Nguyen and Megan and Nate Trinrud, School spirits brings a whole new meaning to high school spirit week, and you can stream it now on Paramount+.

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Smells like Teen Spirit

Peyton List and Nick Pugliese in School Spirit

As her new classmates, including a football player who dreams of dying with deodorant, start teaching Maddie about the cleaning rules at her new high school, she decides to break them to find out what’s really wrong with her. and helping her deeply bereaved best friend Simon recover from his loss. Why was his blood found all over the high school boiler room and where is his missing body? What is her boyfriend hiding and why did he take her phone the day she died? Why did her mother leave rehab and come to school drunk before Maddie’s mysterious disappearance?

Maddie isn’t content with watching her high school life go on after her murder, or spending her free time attending an afterlife support group led by a dead high school teacher. Maddie won’t rest until she uncovers the terrible secrets that led to her death.

Like Maddie, her friend Simon demands answers to her BFF’s disappearance and presumed death. But when he discovers that he too can break the rules that separate the living from the dead, he realizes that his friend’s untimely death may be the key to unlocking the mystery.

Find out where to watch it School spirits and enjoy a gathering of high school spirits, which is like a teenage breakfast club taken before its time.

Where to watch School spirits

Where to watch school spirit

School spirits Peyton List stars as Maddie Nears Diary of a Bad Boyand Cobra Kai. It also stars Christian Flores, Spencer McPherson, Josh Zuckerman and Kiara Pichardo. While the storyline acknowledges the sadness and horror of a young girl’s murder, it’s a surprisingly entertaining look at the afterlife, full of warmth and humor.

As her new spirit friends work towards closure to move through endless high school purgatory, can Maddie move forward without knowing why she was taken from the world of the living far before her time? Find out as you watch Maddie solve her killer School spiritscurrently streaming on Paramount+.

Watch School Spirits on Paramount+