Find out all about the Christmas movie, It’s Christmasincluding where you can watch and enjoy yourself.

“A stranger is a friend you have never met.” The validity of this quote is explored in the context of a romantic comedy, which takes place during the Christmas season, which is the most fictional love story! It’s Christmas It looks at what happens when you try to bring a whole group of strangers together for Christmas.

No matter what time of year you want to see a little holiday cheer, It’s Christmas It’s sure to give you those “warm and fuzzies”. The film is currently only available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


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The plot It’s Christmas

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Sometimes friends come from the most unexpected places. Adam, head of an advertising agency, finds himself on the same train every day from the village of Langton to bustling London, a lesson he learns through his journey with the people he meets along the way. Every day on the train, Adam sees the same characters every day. However, no one takes the time to get to know each other and often leaves the group as an outsider despite being around.

One day, everything changes when a train breaks down in the village. Adam decided now was his chance to break the ice. He goes around and tells all the passengers that they should have a Christmas party to get to know each other. The other passengers are skeptical at first, but eventually agree to the idea of ​​developing friendships with the people they ride the train with every day.

Of course, as with most Christmas movies, there is an underlying love story It’s Christmas. A man finds himself falling for another passenger on a train. Emma, ​​her love interest, is a chef who wants to move to Chicago with her boyfriend. A man must learn how to conquer his heart when it seems that it already belongs to someone else and is moving around the world.

It’s Christmas Cast


Optimist Adam is portrayed by a British-Brazilian actor. Alfred Enoch. Enoch has an impressive acting resume, working on huge projects. Some of them include Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, How to get away with murderand Executive order.

He speaks highly of this project says that “a film about a sense of community that we might not always be able to buy into together. But it offers a glimpse of what might happen if we did. ” He says he relates to his character, Adam, who says he’s “someone who sits in the ‘choo’ watching other people. Go, it’s interesting, I wonder what they’re doing.” In this paradise o Looks like a casting game!

Her love for film is portrayed by Emma Kaya Scoldelario. Scodelario is also no stranger to the acting game. He has worked on major projects including Skin, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Maze runner.

Where to watch It’s Christmas


If you want to make a cup of hot chocolate, sit on a blanket and turn on a Christmas movie. It’s Christmas is a great choice. You can watch it anytime, only on Amazon Prime.

Watch this Christmas on Amazon Prime Video