Where you can watch your favorite fantasy horror no? Here’s what to know and where to see.

Jordan Peele is a hot topic in the horror world, having directed and produced films such as We in 2019 and a remake by Clive Barker, Confettitwo years later in 2021. First gaining international fame with his psychological thriller, go away, Peele seems to be going from strength to strength in 2017. So when it was revealed that he was working on a feature-length Neo-Western sci-fi horror film with longtime collaborator Daniel Kaluuya in the cast, people were excited.


Although there was anticipation and excitement, no still took Peele by guarding people in unprecedented and unexpected places. So what is it all about?

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What happens no?

No, just a minute

no It’s a mammoth attempt at storytelling, and you’ll discover something new every time you watch it again. It is dense and nuanced, addressing many of the issues that develop around the relationship of the humanities to spectacle. Peele has discussed this in several interviews, and to keep this as brief as possible, please allow me to explain.

no becomes centers around two siblings, Emerald (Keke Palmer) and OJ (Daniel Kaluuya), who investigate the mysterious death of their father, who was struck by a coin that fell from the sky. The couple quickly realize that their father’s death is the result of a giant UFO hovering over the family ranch, and quickly set out to get an “Oprah Shot” to prove the existence of alien life forms.

However, as there is an unusually cunning UFO floating in the sky, it is not just the brothers who notice it, and Ricky (Steven Yeun), the owner of a Western-themed attraction, also tries to capture the UFO. camera.

It is in one of Ricky’s shows that the viewer is offered the first concrete example of the humanities. Ricky lures a UFO into one of his shows, and while it’s a success, it ends up being a total meltdown. The UFO, soon identified as a dangerous predatory alien, destroys Ricky and the audience, leaving no one alive. The alien goes on a bloodbath, killing a reporter in the process, but despite all of this death, the brothers continue their pursuit of a money shot.

In the face of something absolutely dangerous, every hero we meet is in the business of getting a shot at money. The spectacle is so fascinating that we can’t take our eyes off it. Like a car accident on a freeway, unaffected traffic slowly passes by without taking their eyes off the devastation. This incident is what partially inspired Peele to create no.

Another aspect that is evident throughout the film is the justification of history. It turns out that the brothers are the great-grandsons of the black jockey who appeared in the first recorded film in history.

Photographer Edward Muybridge captured the two-second clip in 1877: The horse is in motion, The clip earned Muybridge the title of “cinema ancestor,” but what about the man who appeared in the clip? The black jockey disappeared into history, no one knew his name. Peele said the jockey was the first movie star in history to be recognized on an equal footing with Muybridge.

In the film, OJ and Emerald don’t want to be erased from history and aim to be remembered as the people who captured the alien, named Jean Jackety after one of the brothers’ favorite horses.

Where to watch no

Em, OJ and Angel in the desert at Nope

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no can also be streamed by renting. The People’s Choice nominee runs for 2 hours and 15 minutes and is sure to deliver unexpected thrills.

Watch Nope on Amazon Prime Video